There’s always this one celebrity on Instagram whom you can’t help but follow. You keep waiting for this person to upload a picture or two so you keep checking on them again and again. Shay Mitchell is that person for many. She is the queen of the fashion community. If all snazzy people could glow, Shay could light up the world. This lady doesn’t bow down to fashion, fashion bows down to her. Known for her character, Emily, in Pretty Little Liars, in the show she wasn’t someone who could have acquired even a B grade on style. IRL though, this girl has the ability to make a name for herself in history books for the way she carries herself.

Saying that Shay Mitchell is beautiful is an understatement. She knows how to make her bronze skin shine and her dark hair glow. We wouldn’t be surprised to know that she has a halo on her head that she hides. Her dressing sense is immaculate. She nails the street style look as perfectly as she does the elegant one. Not only are her outfits and shoes on point but her accessories are too. She doesn’t need red to look pretty, she can even make the ugliest of attires look beautiful. This lady knows how to make a style statement every time she heads out.

What we love even more about her? She posts all her pictures for us on Instagram so that the world can learn a thing or two from her. The Canadian star has time and again won the internet for her neat and trendy look. Her Instagram is prettier than any blog can be. She is a travel lover and that makes her all the more perfect. Just head to her Instagram once and check out her absolutely stunning pictures!

Her Youtube channel is also another place we causally hangout. She recently filmed a video, makeup tutorial with Ariel Tajeda. The young and talented makeup artist wasn’t too impressed but we always are. It is shocking and at the same time comforting to know that Shay isn’t as good at makeup as we thought she’d be. Shocking because not once has she ever made a makeup blunder. Guess she has a great stylist and even better taste (which she surely does. Remember all the times she has confessed her love for Pizza?) Comforting because celebs not knowing their makeup techniques means we aren’t to be blamed for not knowing how to get that perfect eye makeup.

Everyone has one color that they stay away from or a color they don’t know but looks really bad on them. Shay is that unique person who makes all colors look pretty on her. It’s hard to believe that someone as classy and chic as Shay whose slay game is always spot on actually faced struggle accepting herself. It’s old news that she wasn’t happy with her part-Filipino heritage as she didn’t have blond hair and blue eyes. Now, she is all about promoting self-love. Shay’s travel photos wouldn’t be half as pretty without her and her attires. She has this way of wearing prints that go with the country she is wandering around in.

Good thing, PPL being over doesn’t mean that Shay won’t be getting any space on television screens. She is all set to star in Lifetime’s You and a soapy drama called The Heiresses. Regardless, her amazing pictures and videos will hopefully forever be there for us to gawk at.