People all over the world are confined to their houses in this time of COVID-19. The pandemic has spread all around the globe and has forced people to stay indoors. This also includes global celebrities. All the shoots, parties and collaborations stand canceled, and all these celebs are indulging themselves in various activities, inside their homes, to stay safe. Many celebrities have played a very important role in informing the general people of the importance of wearing a mask while going out.

Naomi Campbell

 Naomi Campbell, the successful actress and model, went out in the public while wearing the hazmat suit. A hazmat suit is something that covers a person right from the head to the toe. It ensures that no parasite enters the human body in any way. By doing so, Naomi Campbell showed that she cares about society. Following her footsteps, the Canadian actor, Howie Mandel, also went out in the public wearing a similar suit.

Demi Lovato

 Demi Lovato was seen out in the public wearing a super-expensive mask, despite the fact that the experts have asked the public to avoid wearing them when not in contact with a patient. Owing to the growing panic arising from the hoarding of masks and other medical facilities, medical experts have urged people to avoid buying masks unnecessary, as it is bound to cause great problems to those who need them. Despite this, Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Demi Lovato, were photographed in them just recently.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba, one of the most adored and loved celebrities across the globe, has recently announced that his reports of Corona symptoms have come in positive. After Tom Hanks and his wife, he is the second most popular celebrity who has announced the connection with this disease. However, the actor responded quite well and went into quarantine as soon as he was made aware of the situation.

Athletes and NBA

A lot of athletes have gone into quarantine right after their reports coming up ‘positive’. One of the effects of this action is the shutdown of the numerous leagues, and no games being played out across the globe. A lot of the gaming seasons have been postponed and gamers are asked to stay at home for a while. The most important cancellation has been of the NBA, which was closed right after the basketball player Donovan Mitchell tested positive for COVID-19

The Politicians

Most recently, the Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau’s wife has been tested positive for the COVID-19virus. Since then, she has been in isolation, which will go for up to 14 days in total. According to the latest reports, her symptoms have gone mild and she is feeling much better. Apart from her, the health minister of the UK, as well as the mayor of Miami, has contracted the virus. Both of them are also in quarantine, with maximum isolation from the family members.