The latest case of the French woman getting raped at night on motorway while travelling with her kids has taken the whole nation to fury. People are expressing their anger in a number of ways, and showing their exasperation over the increasing number of rape cases in the country.

In such a scenario, the CCPO Lahore, Umar Shaikh, comes up with the opinion that women should be blamed if they are out and about in a deserted place, that too late in the night. Such an irresponsible remark has irked many and caused a lot of uproar in the people. He is being bashed by men and women, equally.

However, this is not the first time when someone has come up with a problematic statement like that. Even before him, there are numerous instances when people have said idiotic things about women, and got bashed for it.

While being on an official trip to Germany, the Nigeria’s President Buhari gave an extremely offensive statement. While asking to which party does his wife belong, he said that she only belongs to the kitchen and living-room of his house.


Turkish President, Erdogan, said once that for him a woman that doesnt have a child is equal to half a person.

Vitaly Milonov, a Russian Senator, showcased similar derogatory views against women by saying that  woemen who tend to terminate their pregnancies are empty handed human beings for him.

The most hilariously derogatory remark comes from the Brazil’s health minister, Ricardo Barros, who said that as men work harder than women, they end up taking lesser care of their health. Eventually , they are the one who should actually be respected.


A letter written by a Republican from Utah in opposition to the wage equality bill said that women stay at home and nurture the kids when men go out and work. Hence, it is the men who should be paid more.

With the burgeoning cases of violence against women, it is high time people sitting in the prominent offices start speaking with responsibility. As they are the opinion makers, it would be great if they could put their prejudices against women aside and speak responsibility.