When you think of Cara Delevingne you think of all things quirky, modish, daring, and bold. The model turned actress first gained fame for her bushy brows that instantly won the hearts of internet warriors and became a trend of their own. Cara keeps surprising the masses with her moves and her ever-changing feisty appearance; she is someone who keeps altering her looks to go with the season.

Recently the star jumped on the short-hair-don’t-care train when she sported a platinum pixie cut only to paint it brown all of a sudden. A step that inspired many to dye their manes to suit Fall. Cara keeps impressing people with her straightforward statements, and trendy ways. There is always something in the buzz about her, the latest snippet being her joining Christian Dior.

Yes, you heard that right. The Paper Towns actress who formerly worked closely with Chanel is the new face of Dior’s skincare line; more specifically anti-aging skincare line called Capture Youth. This is strange news even for a star like Cara, who is always doing something out of the ordinary. Considering she doesn’t even have a blemish on her face and from the looks of it, wouldn’t get even a crease until she at least reaches 50.

The mantra of this new anti-aging skincare line of Dior’s is to take care of your skin before the effects of aging even begin to sneak in. The brand is not targeting 40 or 50-year-old ladies. Instead, this line is for those who are yet to walk into that phase of life, more precisely for those in their 30’s. Cara has yet to see that age, so is selecting a 25-year-old actress even the right move?

Cara Delevingne hasn’t posted anything regarding this on her social media. She popped up on Dior’s official Instagram page, wearing a sheer white dress, her brunette hair perfectly chopped, sporting a choker necklace and looking all glam, the perfect example of someone who doesn’t even need anti-aging products yet.

The photograph’s caption read, “The house of Dior is delighted to announce that @caradelevingne, revolutionary top model, committed woman and rising actress, is now the face of the skincare line “Capture”. #diorforyouth” The reaction in the comments section was mixed with some happy to see a glimpse of Cara and others perplexed saying, “a 25 yo girl facing an antiaging”

Among the limitless comments praising Cara’s beauty and fun-spirit, one read, “I thought the capture range was aimed at the ageing demographics. Why would you hire a 20 sth as the brand ambassador for that?!” Another person said, “Committed woman is meaningless. Plus I thought capture was a line for more mature skin? You are just promoting a false image of eternal youth”

Cara has been closely linked with the French brand Chanel so while many people are happy with Cara’s lovely face being plastered across all places Dior, others are questioning why the luxury brand had to choose an actress that has been associated with another fashion house that also for so long? So much so that some have even stated that this would be Dior’s fall. But that’s going too far considering not much is known about this new line yet.

How this new skincare line by Dior Cosmetics would fare is something only time can tell. However, the wait wouldn’t be long hopefully considering this the fashion brand would be launching this product range in January 2018. For being the first one to be reported about any new updates regarding this collection, you can follow Cara and Dior on social media.