Recently Cara Delevingne talked about having “something dark” inside her and on Friday she was spotted joining the dark side. Oh, don’t worry, by dark side we mean the dark side of hair. Not like becoming a part of Voldemort’s forces. Her pixie hair is all painted brown now, as noticed during the shooting of her upcoming TV series “Carnival Row” which will be aired on Amazon.

She’ll star against Orlando Bloom, who is also giving men some style pointers with that goatee he has grown. Dailymail, UK talked about Cara being spotted on Monday with brown locks, donning a chic outfit in Prague, Czech Republic on the sets of her 2019 show. She was wearing a loose shirt and knee-high faux fur line boots giving off steezy vibes like she usually does.

Earlier this year, when Cara had ditched her long tresses for a pixie cut some people had mistaken her for a boy. Something that the star abhors since quite a young age. She had shifted from Rapunzel gold to Elsa platinum and even though her look was different she rocked it completely. This is also when Kim K got her hair dyed platinum and together these women handed the trend crown to the icy shade. But now since Cara has moved on to brown, does it mean that it is the end of glory for platinum? These women are the kick-starters of trends after all.

Cara Delevinge: Brown Locks, Faux Fur Boots and More

Cara has been under the spotlight lately, not just for her success but also for her honesty in talking about her struggle with depression. She got candid on how she wanted to quit life when she was a teen because of how she felt “alienated and alone.” She’s opened up to the world about how she used to second guess herself and how she cries every single day to let out the bottled anger. Her show Carnival Row has a lot of talk surrounding it with it also being called better than anything that the masses have seen on Television. Then also about her book Mirror, Mirror which is to come out soon.

The star has previously also been someone fashionistas look up to. Her recent hair color change surely means something for Autumn. This lass is always voguish with a drop of punk. Apart from the platinum hair, she had this spring, her ash-grey head at the premiere of her film Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets in July was also a hit. With the season shifting, she’s again cheered up her look with a new hue, even if for just the TV show. With how furry things got at the recent fashion shows, even boots, Cara wearing faux fur line boots means this is how you should roll in Winters. So, it’s not just her hairdo but her attire as well.

Cara has always been on the trend train. Recently at Burberry’s 2018 fashion show for Spring/Summer in London, she was all jazzed up all fly. Wearing a leather jacket and rose-tinted shades, she was accessorized with a silver bottom lip ring and mismatched earrings, making a style statement. Whether she’s got her lip pierced or if the glamorous lip ring was fake is still a mystery.  The funky actress did everything to spice up her silver copped hair and succeeded in winning hearts and followers. Here’s to hoping she keeps prettifying her look the same way for her brown hair also.