The spooky holiday is only a week away and we can’t help but keep dreaming of all the candies that will be stashed in the keep-away closet! While we are not too bad at ignoring sugar cravings all year round, Halloween really gets to us, eh? No such thing as saying ‘no’ to your stomach.

Hallow’s Eve comes with a certain excitement about it; from carving faces into pumpkins to dressing up in fun costumes to decorating the window sills with orange and red paper. And trick-or-treating is part and parcel of all this. While these traditions are fun, the entire day can get a bit exhausting.

And once you’re done with distributing sweet treats and find yourself alone on the couch, there’s no avoiding the temptations of indulging in the sacks of sweets waiting for you. “I’ll only take a bite,” is a myth. One bar invites the next which invites another chocolate bar and it keeps going.

Until you head to bed with a heavy stomach and wake up with a groaning one. You can try and attempt to avoid bingeing on candies. But if you fail in that department, you can always take measures to recover from the Halloween hangover.

Because, trust us, you’re going to be fatigued from staying up till late in the night and nauseous from the candy overdose. And you wouldn’t like it.

That said, here are 7 ways you can beat the Halloween hangover like a boss.

Drink more water

Stay hydrated. Drink as much water as you can to flush out the toxins and to charge your energy levels up. Avoid indulging in sugary drinks – they are only going to worsen the situation. You can go for other low-calorie drinks. You can go for green tea too. The more filled up with water you are, the less likely you would be to mistake thirst for hunger.

Consume more proteins

After eating too many candies on Halloween, it is better to fill yourself up with proteins. This way you would be able to keep your hunger pangs at bay for longer. Moreover, you will also be able to avoid sugar cravings.

Don’t forget to workout

People often come to the conclusion that since it is a holiday period, it would be better to ditch exercise. However, that is not the right move. Since you have so much sugar in your system, it would only benefit you to continue on with your routinely workout plan. Not only would the toxins be eliminated but fat formation will also be combated.

Keep your immunity boosted

Sugar is not your immune system’s best friend. An overdosage of sweet treats can result in weakened immunity which means the doors are open for ailments. A great way to strengthen your immune system is by going for mushrooms, oregano and turmeric.

Eat healthy meals

If you decide to skip a meal or two in order to balance out the excess sugar intake, again, you are doing no good to your body. Eat like you normally do, just keep away from the candies. Consume healthier options, for example, a kale salad. You should also eat more fruits and veggies after a candy-overeating session.

Take a bit of Vitamin C

Pack your system with a higher dosage of vitamin C. Why? Because even a little bit of vitamin C can help you with avoiding all the sugar cravings. So, when you are eating a meal, don’t forget to sprinkle a wee bit of lemon on it.

Get rid of bloating

If you’re feeling bloated owing to the large meal you had on the eve of Samhain and then proceeding to take more sugary foods, its better to beat the bloated feeling before it beats your spirits. To balance the microbiome in your gut and reduce bloating, you can take a probiotic supplement. Or you can simply enjoy some kefir.

Don’t stress

Okay, so you had too much candy, but does that mean that you should keep beating yourself for it? Nope. Halloween comes once a year and it should not be too bad to treat yourself to some sweets this one time. Take proper rest to conquer the fatigue lest it conquers you.

To sum up, have a fun Halloween but don’t forget to take care of your health. You can eat candy in moderation but if you fail to abide by this rule, you can simply take measures afterward.