Multiple studies have showed that your dressing has a strong influence on your anxiety as well as confidence levels. Apparently, when you feel comfortable and stylish in your clothes, you don’t only impress others but yourself as well. Looking good bumps up confidence and slashes the dragon of anxiety and even stress down.

Professor Karen J. Pine explains this well. She says, “When we put on a piece of clothing we cannot help but adopt some of the characteristics associated with it, even if we are unaware of it.” She goes on to say that when you wear casual clothes, you’re likely to feel lazy and cozy but as you put on a suit, you naturally tend to behave professionally.

So how can your dress to boost your confidence and perform better? Let’s dive into this; here are 6 steps to styling yourself to give a raise to your self-esteem.

1 – Dress for the occasion

You’re obviously going to feel uncomfortable, and make other people feel embarrassed for you too, when you wear your pajamas to someone’s wedding. Similarly, in a business environment, you can’t wear an extravagant gown and you can’t wear a suit to buy bread and eggs for your mum.

The first rule to dress in such a way so as to up your confidence is to always dress for the occasion. When heading to a new job, be sure you know beforehand of the place has a dress code. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that participants performed better when they wore a doctor’s coat which explains how dressing impacts confidence. So always dress for the event.

2 – Consider your body shape

Your body shape dictates what type of styles will complement your best features and cover up those which aren’t the best. While someone with an hourglass body shape is likely to look gorgeous regardless of what she wears, a person who has a pear-shaped frame, like that of Kim Kardashian, may want to wear tighter lowers and looser tops.

On the other hand, someone with an apple-shape physique would do the opposite – she’d wear bottoms such as palazzo pants and a flowy top to balance her built. When you wear clothes than make your body look more attractive, you’re bound to feel confident. However, be sure that when at it, you don’t sacrifice your comfort.

3 – Pick the right color

The color of the clothes you wear also impacts how you feel. Color psychology explains how different colors impact your mood and personality. For instance, yellow color ups creativity, blue color is a sign of trust, red is fiery and inspires energy whereas green is all about harmony. Colors don’t only effect your personality in terms of your clothes.

In fact, the color of the walls of rooms also influence people, which is why workplaces are moving towards yellows, greens or staying neutral with whites. Black and grey are uncommon as wall colors because black typically represents sorrow.

4 – Stick to timeless or trendy

Either stay true to the classics or follow the trends. But don’t waver somewhere in the odd in-between. You can go for floral prints but opting for punk skull-printed wear when it is not in and you’re also not particularly aiming for that sort of a look will not make you look good.

You can try what’s trendy though. This doesn’t mean that you have to go for what the ramps of designer houses showcase. You can explore Pinterest or fashion blogs that can give you an idea of what’s in and what’s not. You can simply also follow the casual looks of celebrities who are known for being style icons.

5 – Wear your preference

You can never feel good if you don’t think that a dress is good enough. And while some outfit may be loved by your friends and they may insist you to buy it, if your heart is not there, don’t. You tend to feel confident in your clothes when you like them. Also, don’t sacrifice comfort. If you do that, you’ll keep feeling fiddly and anxious which kills the whole purpose of dressing for confidence.

There may be times when you find yourself drooling over an outfit but then take a glimpse at the price tag only to keep your distance from it. If this happens with you, know that you can always wait for the sale season to bag the dress or another similar one at half the price. While at it, be sure to stick to your personal style rather than copying someone else.

6 – Wear the right accessories

Accessories play a bigger role than their size. Your handbag, footwear as well as jewelry matter. Know the rules of how to wear the right accessories. For example, it will make no sense if you wear a choker necklace with a high-neck shirt or a silver ring with gold earrings. Know these style rules and if you’re not too good at it, stick to the basics until you learn.

Invest in a neutral colored handbag that is of great quality and carry it at multiple places. Rather than buying three $30 bags go for a single $100 one. Also, make sure your footwear doesn’t hurt your feet and complements your overall look.

Confidence is in the mind

Last but not the least, don’t entirely depend on your look and your style to look and feel pretty. Confidence is a state of mind. You will only truly be able to be the right amount of confident by being yourself. If you make mistakes don’t fret or keep thinking about them.

Learn from them and move on. Above all, learn to accept and embrace your flaws. You cannot let yourself hold you back, the world is at it as it is. If you feel insecure because of a feature of yours which you can naturally change, such as your weight, do try but again, don’t overdo it. Know that your health should be your priority.