There’s something about her manners, her singing manners, that has landed her a place at the top of three charts. Camila Cabello’s latest album is soaring high. It has topped three charts; Billboard 200, Hot 100, and Artist 100. As reported by Billboard, this 20-year-old is the first female songstress after Adele to occupy the top spot in three lists at once.

Back in November, the American Cuban beauty had sent out a tweet to her fans that read, “GUYS, we’re so close to number 1!!!!! let’s do this!!” And ta-da! Her name is now on the lips of more people than ever before. With her latest achievement, Cabello took to social media to express her excitement and gratefulness.

She wrote, “i can’t even believe this. i’m so overwhelmed with happiness i love you guys so much. this is all because of you and how hard you go for me 😩😩😩😩 we DID IT!!!!!!! i love you i love you i love you i can’t be articulate right now because i’m speechless but my heartbeat is saying a million words at a time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you”

All that success with her debut album that came out this month named Camila. The former Fifth Harmony member is doing way better solo, her album has just come out and it has broken iTunes and Spotify records. Havana by Camila featuring Young Thug is the song which has fine-tuned the young artist’s success and also taken Young Thug to crown the charts alongside her.

In a video by Billboard, the singer said, “The fact that this song is No.1 has been incredible but I feel like what really gives it weight and even more importance is that it’s a song that’s so personal to me, my family, my story and my heritage.” She went on to add, “It just goes to show you that music is an emotion and that we’re really not all that different. Music breaks through barriers.”