Actor, director and dream invader, Jake Gyllenhaal has entered the fashion world with sass. Recently Calvin Klein revealed that it had taken a fresh face on board for its fragrance division and had people overjoyed with the knowledge that Gyllenhaal was their new model. He will not be replacing Lauren Hutton, clarifying for all those worried.

We saw Jake a month ago, at the New York Fashion week and now he would be blessing television screens in a series of ads. The first of which has aired and has ladies flying to utopia. In the latest Calvin Klein Eternity commercial, we get to see Gyllenhaal being all fatherly and holy smokes, he looks gorgeous! All ruffled hair and rugged handsomeness, he looks like a work of art.

The commercial has three other characters apart from Jake. Model and maternal health activist, Liya Kebede who stars as the mum and cute four-year-old model Leila, who plays the babe. The fourth character being a couch, that gracefully sits there, the trio getting all snuggly on it. It’s all about a family lazily spending moments with each other, with the parents reciting E. E. Cummings’s “I Carry Your Heart With Me.”

The black and white advertisement directed by Cary Fukunaga has the audiences swooning. No wonder though considering the Creative Chief Officer behind it is Raf Simons; a man who has so far not once failed in crafting magical pieces that appeal to this generation’s views of diversity and no-tolerance policy. For his work with Calvin Klein, Raf has recently been crowned with not one but two CFDA awards.

For those who are not aware of why the brand has chosen such a setting, Eternity fragrance is a representation of all things lovely and intimate. As the Press Release by Calvin Klein read that it is a take on “Calvin Klein’s longstanding ideas of romance, love, intimacy, and commitment. Today, those values continue with the focus very much on contemporary life.”



Predictions say that this ad would further lift up Coty’s revenues, so the expenditure made on it will be justified. The television campaign starring these three beautiful people will debut next month. Having Gyllenhaal as a part, was the right move. Because despite the claims of the Nocturnal Animals’ actor of being a fashion noob and an exercise fanatic, he must always be smelling very pleasant even after a long jog on a hot day.

“I had been approached a number of times (for ads), but I never felt it could be possible, to be honest, or to say something where I felt like my behavior could be authentic,” said Gyllenhaal. “But Raf (Simons) came to see me on Broadway and approached me as an artist and a filmmaker and that was really enticing to me, because all I am looking for, whether it be making a piece for a fragrance or playing a character on stage, are relationships.”

The green-blue eyed actor was just two weeks ago in the headlines for vocalizing his desire of having children when he was talking about how he enjoys babysitting his nieces. “At this point in my life, my reference is my relationship with my nieces, playing with them, interacting with them, laughing with them, listening to them.” he went on to add that, “Children have a very particular kind of honesty that you’re looking to get to as an adult . . . they are great barometers for bullshit.” Well, Gyllenhaal you also carry our hearts. More precisely, in your fists.