Kylie Jenner was super hush-hush about her being pregnant but the rumors about her expecting were walking with high heels on. The young entrepreneur finally told fans that she had welcomed her baby girl earlier this month, on Sunday this week. She started with apologizing to her fans for keeping this a secret from them and then went on to explain why she did so.

Following this, she shared a link to a 12 min video that captured her last 9 months. The video had it all; friends and family. It started with Jordyn Woods talking about her BFFL, Kylie, and some other model friends chiming in too. Then it continued on to give fans glimpses of how pregnancy period went for Kylie.

Fans had a close look at the extravagant wardrobe that the model had readied for her little girl. They found out that Kylie craved cheeseburgers during her pregnancy. They had a detailed overview of Kylie and Travis’s chemistry. And they even caught a glimpse of Rob Kardashian, his daughter Dream, and also Chicago West. Then about two days later, she also unveiled the name of her daughter; Stormi Webster.

The video featured all the sisters and Kris Jenner as well. So naturally what stood out was Caitlyn Jenner’s absence. It is no secret that there has always been one or another news of Caitlyn Jenner not getting along with the Kar-Jens. Even recent news of such nature has come to light with Caitlyn and the Kardashians expressing anger at one another.

Then when the video documentation of Kylie’s journey of pregnancy came on YouTube, there were, of course, questions as to why Caitlyn Jenner was missing. Reportedly and from the looks of Caitlyn’s Instagram, she was at Ireland when Kylie was giving birth. While Caitlyn has not yet replied to any such questions, she did send warm wishes her daughter’s way.

However, she was the last one from the family to do so. Every other member had immediately taken to social media to show support and delight at this new phase of Kylie’s life. Caitlyn went to Instagram and shared a picture of Kylie from when she was just a little baby. The caption of the post read, “My daughter just had a daughter. It’s amazing to be by your side through this journey. She’s SO beautiful already. Can’t wait to watch her grow.” To this, Kylie replied, “Love you.”