Before you jump in, you should be knowing that the cabbage soup diet plan is not for the faint-hearted. It is based on cabbage and you are allowed to binge-eat only on cabbage for seven strict days. The outcome? You get to shed up to 10 pounds of weight. So for all those people who wish to reduce weight within a short time frame, this diet plan is your quick solution.

To add some flavor to your seven days cabbage soup diet plan, you are allowed to eat fruits and vegetables occasionally on a set routine. But you are not allowed to take carbonated drinks, alcohol, break or chocolates.

The best part is that this diet plan is a quick help you to bring down the weight digits. Also, it is cheap. All you have is to make cabbage soup and load up lots of it. Should you decide to go for the cabbage soup diet plan, here is the diet chart that you are to follow through the seven days of this weight loss regime.

Day 1:

This will be the first official day of your diet plan and you are to have lots of cabbage soup. You can accompany the soup with fruit. You can have as much fruit as you want except for bananas. Other items that you can include on the first day include unsweetened coffee, tea, and, of course, water.

Day 2:

On the next day, you are allowed to have cabbage soup with raw vegetables. In the evening you can have a baked potato.

Day 3:

By this time, your mind is already following an anthem, ‘two days down, five to go.’ You can have fruits and vegetables except for banana and potatoes. Not to forget, cabbage soup remains your staple.

Day 4:

It is possibly getting boring by now but you got to keep that motivated weight loss spirit rolling. On this day, you are allowed skimmed milk, eight bananas, and lots of cabbage soup.

Day 5:

On day 5, you are allowed to have 6-8 glasses of water and unlimited cabbage soup. You are also allowed 450 grams of fish or meat.

Day 6:

You are almost nearing the end by now and there are only 2 more days to go. On this day, you are allowed to have unlimited cabbage soup and as many vegetables as you want along with beef. You are not allowed potatoes at this stage.

Day 7:

The last day and you will then be able to look slim and toned on the event for which you have lost so much weight. On this day of your cabbage soup diet plan, you are allowed to have sugar-free fruit, little brown rice, vegetable plus the homemade cabbage soup that you have been having for all through the week.

Some tips to bear in your mind for the cabbage soup diet plan include:

No exercise:

You are encouraged not do any exercise during this diet plan. The cabbage soup diet is a low-calorie diet plan so your body will not be able to fuel a workout session. Also, the diet plan is solely based on high fiber and low fat

Flatulence is possible:

Since you would be loading a lot of cabbage for an entire week, it is possible that you may experience flatulence. Since the body will have to fare only through cabbage, it is prone to flatulence.

Since the cabbage soup diet plan is based on homemade cabbage soup, here is a bonus nugget of information containing the recipe to making the main element of this diet plan.

Ingredients for the Cabbage Soup Recipe

The ingredients include:

6 large chopped onions, 2 cans of diced tomatoes, a bunch of chopped celery, 2 diced green peppers, half a head of chopped cabbage, 3 sliced carrots, 250 grams of sliced mushrooms, a package of dry onion soup mix, along with salt and pepper.

If you wish to add flavor to your soup, you can always use mixed herbs, cayenne peppers, or curry powder.

Preparation Method:

For making the soup for your cabbage soup diet plan, you need to fry the chopped onions in a large pan and add green pepper pieces to it. Cook for a minute’s time. Next, add chopped cabbage, celery, mushrooms, and sliced carrots in your pot. Sprinkle curry powder or cayenne pepper for taste.

In this mixture, add about 12 cups of water and additional stock cubes. Cook the soup over a medium heat setting until the vegetables are tender and the soup adopts proper consistency.

You need to do thorough research before you head for the cabbage soup diet plan. It is high in sodium and low in essential fatty acids, proteins, and calcium. Some other additional tips for making your diet plan a success.

  • It is only a week long

Remember that diet plan extends to only seven days and you can definitely sail through them without faltering. After all, the reward at the other end is worth the investment.

  • Follow as closely as possible

Try to follow the cabbage soup diet plan as closely as possible so that you can get to the part where you see a 10-pound reduction in weight.

  • Take at least four glasses of water

This is mandatory so that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the week. You might even want to squeeze in a multi-vitamin during this cabbage-oriented diet plan.