The Corona pandemic has gotten everyone lose their minds, and the latest one of them seems to be Bryan Adams. Known as one of the best pop singers and a hero of many, Bryan Adams, recently, put his heart out about the Corona pandemic on twitter. The rant, however, didn’t go well with a lot of people, and they called him out for his racist remarks. He came under the fire, and his fans criticized him for his aggressive comments.

Bryan Adams took on twitter and poured his heart out about his point of view regarding the Corona pandemic. While doing that, he posted his video where he was performing on one of his most famous songs, Cuts Like a Knife. That’s not all. The singer, along with this video, wrote that he is thankful for someone who has a habit of eating bats, selling the animals in wet market and make virus. Owing to them, the entire world can not function anymore.

Clearly, the comments made by the singer were really sarcastic and uncalled for. A lot of people interpreted these comments to be anti-Chinese. However, at the same time, some animal rights groups supported these comments. The singer, later on, made a post in which she apologized for making the racist comments. He also said that he supports all the people who are dealing with this COVID-19 issue.

The major reason why this singer tweeted these controversial words is because he was supposed to perform in London, next week. However, with the announcement of the lock down, all his plans went down the hill. With the corona virus spreading across the world at such a rapid pace, all the public gathering and events have been cancelled. Owing to these cancellations, funds are not given to the singer and performers, which has caused a great financial restrain everywhere. The governments are making sure the social distancing is implemented in a strict manner, so that the virus can be curtailed as much as possible.

Once the singer posted this tweet, he was bashed by a lot of people. The president of the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice was the first one to have criticized the singer. He said that this is such an irresponsible behavior, and reeks of racism. Along with this, he said that public figures really need to be careful while talking about controversial things, as they are the ones forming the public opinion.

However, at the same time, a lot of people agreed to what the singer had tweeted. They said that it was really the wet animal market in Wuhan, which was the reason behind the virus appearing on the global frame. However, what ever the source of the virus, it is correct that the tweets by Bryan Adams were uncalled for. Public figures really need to think twice before tweeting about some sensitive issue. Bryan Adams, through his tweet, disappointed a lot and it led to severe backlash.

Definitely, the singer has learnt his lesson the hard way.