These days getting something to become a trend doesn’t require you to be a supermodel or a celebrity. The only weapon you need is social media. Post a picture of that crazy idea that you had at 3 am and kaboom! You are a star and even the weirdest of your ideas starts trending. This year has been all about eyebrow trends; from wiggly eyebrows that should basically never even have existed to shiny foiled ones.

Most of these trends are like a passing noisy parade; for a few days the entire internet talks about them and then they vanish into thin air like they were never there. However, surprisingly despite these eyebrow styles being way too unconventional, a whole lot of fashionistas actually embraced them. If you are brave enough to try something quirky or downright odd, then you better know all about these eyebrow trends. Here are a few that shook the internet space.

Rainbow brows

Despite our love for all this unicorn-y and colorful, we still do think that the rainbow eyebrows trend is taking it too far. Color eyebrows were a trend this year (right along with colorful hair and multicolored armpit hair too) and though they were way less shocking than the other eyebrow trends, they still weren’t amazing enough to make a permanent place for themselves.

No brows at all

Another look that made rounds on the internet until everyone was talking about it was the no-brow look. As in completely waxed off brows. Considering how this year has all been about not shaving armpit hair or legs and all, this is pretty strange. If you have always wanted to look like Voldemort with a nose, this trend is for you.

Wiggly eyebrows

The curly brow was one look this year that was found running all across social media. Where some ladies tried wavy eyebrows, others just enjoyed a few laughs. This horrific trend makes you look like a scary genie with snakes wiggling on your forehead instead of eyebrows. (don’t worry, not literally)



Glitter brows

One eyebrow trend that rose above the wackiness – glitter eyebrows! These are definitely a favorite and a trend worth following. All you got to do to get this look is stick some glittery bits on the ends and starting points of your brows and voila! You’re a princess in minutes.

Ruffled brows

Another crazy trend that this year presented were ruffled eyebrows. Though we understand the fashion community’s obsession with ruffles in outfits, this trend landed in the realm of are-you-even-serious? Highly dramatic, you can try this trend on Halloween if you are planning to go as a clown.

Foiled brows

Cut a piece of foil into a long eyebrow shaped strip or into little pieces and stick them to your eyebrows. That’s what this look is about. Foiled brows were in with several makeup bloggers trying the look out. And though unpractical, in certain pictures, it does look artistic.

Feathered brows

No, this trend isn’t about sticking feathers on your eyebrows instead it is about parting your brows and shaping the hairs into a feather like thing with the help of Vaseline. Regardless of how bizarre the idea is, there are more than 50,000 pictures on Instagram of women who have gone for this trend.

Braided brows

Luckily this trend is not about literally growing your eyebrows until they get long enough to be pleated. The braided eyebrow trend gives an illusion that your eyebrows have pleats. A little makeup tactic involving eyebrow pencil and gel.