What? You had thought that Instagram was done with strange brow trends? Nah. That place is like a cauldron that’s always boiling silly ideas that bubble into crazy trends. Usually, these trends die down immediately after word of them has been spread to all corners of the world. The latest one that everyone is talking about? Crown Brows.

If you want to be a quirky princess who wears crowns on her brows instead of on the top of her head, then this one is for you. The brow crown trend has been introduced by Sofie Petersen. If you visit her Instagram, you can see that this lass is no stranger to strange makeup looks. Crown brows are easy to achieve. All you have to do to get this look is gel your brows into points and at the peak, stick little gems. And ta-da! You’re ready.

As usual this latest trend brought forward both haters and admirers. Lots of people appreciated Sofie for her creativity. One person commented, “What the hell is this? Idk but it’s cool 😂” Another tagged a mate and said, “i could b a princess!!!!!” But of course, there were those people too, who thought that the whole brow obsession was getting too much.

One wrote, “Get this shit off my screen.” While another said, “That just pissed me off.” However, a quick peek at Sofie’s Insta page shows that this girl didn’t just hop on the brow train for attention. She’s been doing experimental makeup for quite a while now and this crazy idea is just one of many. If you find these looks fun rather than absurd, you can always find your fav one in the sea of the many eyebrow trends that 2017 has birthed.