December 9, 2021

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Breaks Amazon Tradition, Starting This Saturday (10 Nuggets)

In November, two world-class operations take place. First single day (on AliExpress) and black silver on Amazon. Both events take place in the same month, shortly before the holiday season. This is a unique opportunity to make huge savings on gifts. Our exam offers for this Saturday will be renewed throughout the day.

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AliExpress Single Day Good Offers:

AliExpress single day launches from November 11 at 9:00 am. This is the largest action in the world against black silver. The offers below are valid from then on. It is better to keep the products in your basket now as the stock is less. The codes in parentheses are active from that point. At 9:00 am, check your basket, enter the code, and pay as soon as possible.

Computers / Tablets / TV:
Smartphones and forks:


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Black Friday has been gaining popularity on Amazon for the past few years, but it comes with a single day on AliExpress. Last year, the November 11 festival surpassed $ 74 billion in a single day: 10 times the sales volume of the U.S. dealer. There is no doubt that this new version will further contribute to the influence of the AliExpress site.

In November, there are two dates to keep in mind: a single day on AliExpress is November 11 (and 12) and November 26 for Black Friday on Amazon. These are unprecedented reductions

A black silver in advance

During Black Friday, Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty and all other stops can be pulled. To attract as many people as possible, they target popular references. In terms of technology, you can count on the iPhone 13, the Surface Pro, consoles or Pose’s headset provided by Microsoft … whether you search for a smartphone, computer, tablet, headset or wireless headphones, you can be sure. Find your happiness at a low price.

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However, this black silver on Amazon does not take place in the ideal environment for high-tech products. For months, shortages of semiconductors have plagued manufacturers around the world, who are unable to support production as they would like. As a result, the shares highlighted during this edition will be even lower than in previous years, and it is necessary to act as quickly as possible to take advantage of it.

Black silver on Amazon is an opportunity to save money on all types of products beyond technology. Whether it is health, sports, fashion, DIY or anything else, each theme is entitled to its privileges during the process. Whether this is an event or a day on AliExpress, the only thing to remember is that merchants prefer Flash offers, which are limited by stock and time, so do not hesitate when you see a deal. This may be of interest to you. Will disappear in a few minutes.

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One day, a new tsunami

Single day on AliExpress site is really a crazy activity. The online merchant dominates the process since its owner was created by Alibaba. If it focused primarily on the Asian market, it landed in Europe and France like a big tsunami. For good reason, the website shows the best prices to ask: Black Silver on Amazon does not offer such crazy offers.

In a single day, AliExpress does not offer freebies to its competitors. Xiaomi, OnePlus or Apple are entitled to unprecedented discounts, even the latest and premium products with a -70% discount. With this placement, the merchant strikes the most fashionable references, which assures us that he will gain rapid popularity in France with offers of this magnitude.

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If Single Day on AliExpress takes place on November 11th from 9am, you can see some offers the next day as well. However, most deal sales take place within the first hour, which is when the best deals are completed within minutes. However, there is a way forward: add the items of your choice to the basket now and check the order at 9 a.m. when the process begins.

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One day on AliExpress will not work like black silver on Amazon and other functions. For good reason, you can use this system to allow you to find prices before the event, but most of all add the products you want to the basket now. In addition, the long list of promo codes is accompanied by a direct discount, which further reduces the price. Codes and offers will take effect on November 11 at 9:00 am.

  • 11AE08: 50 discount on purchase of 50
  • 11AE30: 199 30 30 ுவதற்கு discount on purchase
  • 11AE45: 299 45 45 € discount on purchase
  • 11AE60: 399 60 60 € discount on purchase

Technology products that attract attention

If black and silver is attractive on Amazon, single day on AliExpress is a crazy activity. The online merchant is attacking the bestsellers of the world, for example, with this insane offer of AirPods increasing from 2 to 99 euros instead of 170 euros. As you can see on the site, the price and code will be displayed, which means you should immediately add headphones to the cart immediately so as not to miss any time on 9.11am.

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Single day and Black Friday are the two main activities taking place throughout the year at the Okra Amazon. The best prices possible are available during this period, you can already make your Christmas gifts at a striking price or test yourself for an item that has been looking at you for a while. The only rule to remember is to be quick on the day of the event or to immediately add items to the cart on AliExpress.

Throughout the entire Black Friday period, Amazon is offering an extended withdrawal period of January 31, 2022 compared to 30 days throughout the year. Even if you don’t like your Christmas gifts, you or the victims will have time to get your money back. On AliExpress, the same deadline is only 20 days, while most e-merchants give 14 days to withdraw.

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