The season has changed; we’ve waved a goodbye to summer and have welcomed fall. And with this alteration, trends have also taken a turn. The time to rock open-toed slippers is over. Now fashionistas are readying their footwear collections with on-trend boots, booties and more.

Several of the boot silhouettes we rocked last year are back in town. Fresher styles have also been exhibited on the runways of Calvin Klein, Mui Mui, Gucci and more brands. If you want to stay in the fashion zone, keep yourself updated with what’s in vogue.

To help you with that, we’ve made a list of all the boot trends that catwalks have favored for 2018 fall. Fetch these must-have styles before the season reaches its end.

Embrace animal prints

Get your hands on boots and booties that that feature animal prints. You can go for a zebra or tiger printed shoe or one that is covered in a luxurious snakeskin texture. Either way, you’re sure to bag more styling points.

The best part is that the animal print trend visits on an almost annual basis. So, you probably have a cheetah printed pair sitting on your shoe rack already. If you don’t, invest in it now. You won’t regret your decision for years to come.

Rock a tapestry print

This year, fall is seeing people rocking tapestry printed boots. From big brand houses to small ones, this trend is enjoying its good days. Not only is this style classic but it is also unique; a fresh take on printed boots.

You can go for a knee-high boot that is covered with a creative tapestry print. Or you can go for a leather boot that only holds hints of the modern yet classic style. Not only runways, but celebs like Hailee Steinfeld are also rocking it.

Go sleek with knee-high boots

The past year, we saw that everyone who was obsessed with fashion, was also crazy about knee-high boots. OTK boots also made a royal appearance and ruled for a long time with celebs like Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Ariana Grande sporting various forms of the style.

This year as well, knee high boots are totally in. Looks like fashionistas have not gotten enough of the sleek look. You can rock this style with skinny jeans, shorts or a shirt dress. If you still have not jumped on their bandwagon, what are you waiting for?

Shine in patented shoes

Shine without glitter is the goal of this trend. Patented skin gives boots a futuristic and modish vibe. You can go for patented leather boots that almost kiss your knees or those that touch just above your ankles in whichever color you like.

Since black and white are basics, we’re leaning more towards shocking pink and other brighter hues. Patented shoes are coming in various other styles as well not just in the form of boots. For instance, Mary Janes are also a hit this year with this polished makeover.

Stay Basic and bright

Embellishments are not as much of a hit in the boot and booties domain. In their stead, staying on the simple side is more in vogue this year. Boots in their primary colors, with no extra details have been paraded on fall fashion catwalks.

You can go for any primary colored boots from blue to yellow to pink. Just basic colors, no varying shades. You can rock a bright colored pair of boots with your casual neutral-hued everyday outfits. You’re sure to look like a fashion queen.

Channel your inner cowgirl

Cowboy boots are also occupying a lot of space in the trend bazaar. These are coming in modern silhouettes as well as in classic designs. If you want to add a hint of vintage to your look, go for a suede pair in brown complete with fringes.

If you’d rather mix classic with modern for a sleeker look ditch fringes, and switch from brown to another hue. However, if you go for typical cowboy boots, keep the rest of the outfit on the modern side of the scale. Otherwise, you might overdo on the 80’s take and run opposite to what’s in trend.

Sport a pair of hiking boots

Hiking boots are in trend nowadays. Models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin have also been seen sporting hiking boots. These are a practical choice of the season seeing that they look snazzy, are comfortable and also are fall-appropriate.

The color choice is also vaster than what you might be imagining. The style is not just limited to leather brown and primary black, but several other pinks and blues are included too. Moreover, you don’t have to stick to a sturdy looking design when various other options are available as well.

Stay chic in a Victorian lace up design

If you’d rather go for a snazzier style, opt for a Victorian lace up boot. These are in these days and have been showcased on several ramps and been worn by many celebs as well. You can go for ankle length lace up boots or OTKs.

One thing that we absolutely love about Victorian lace up boots is that they look as stylish in a casual setting as they do when rocked at a party. Pro tip: rock the lace up boot design when you are clad in a mini dress.

Like fall every other year, this year as well, boots are in. Since there is a long list of styles to choose from, you better get started with shopping. You wouldn’t want to be late to the party!