Have you ever felt that life is bleak without some things in it? For instance, your favorite perfume. Have you ever wondered how you’d sail through life sans those lust-have things, without which your heart might just want to give up and paint an ugly picture of life? For example, stuff from The Body Shop that gives off warm, homely feels, begs to be taken home and settled down on your dresser. I am sure you agree, there is no point disagreeing. Besides the things that we don’t buy today tend to haunt us tomorrow. So let’s just save ourselves from both the ghosts of left behind shopping items and the heartache and get to the point.

The key point here is The Body Shop, period. I am sure most of us would never be able to put down any of the stuff there and there is no point even trying to abandon any of those items, however, let’s zip back to reality: money shortage. Hence, to make things light on your pocket and satisfactory to that shopaholic heart, here is a list of all the imperative items that you MUST HAVE from The Body Shop.

The Lip and Cheek Stain

There is nothing better than natural beauty and when we say natural, we all know what we are talking about: makeup that looks completely natural, which is synonymous with invisible. You can always flaunt such makeup as non-existent even, which makes such works of art our favorite.

The lip and cheek stain works just this natural magic on not only the cheeks but also your lips. The best part is that the stain does not make your lips or skin dry, it just makes you look like a pretty doll.

Nail Polishing Block

Add to your shopping retail therapy with another all-important item from The Body Shop. This rectangular block is the best treat you can ever gift to your nails! Each face of the block takes you closer to shiny nails. Step one allows you to file your nails. Turn the block’s face and you have step two to removing any nail ridges. Another face and you have smooth nails. Turn the last face, the fourth one and you have your nail care side to shiny nails.

Moreover, this nail buffer block comes in a small size that makes it travel-friendly. You’d probably just bid adieu to manicures with this nail polishing block.

Lip Balms

There is no denying that lip balms are the perfect alternatives to lipsticks. Where lipsticks make you look chic, lip balms work to add to your natural look without any harm to your lips. So in one way, these are the healthy alternatives to lip makeup that you cannot be wearing round the clock. And when these come from Body Shop, there is a guarantee of their safe use and ultra-amazing look.

You can always pick any pot with the color that suits you the most but there is an enticing touch to the purchasing part too. Just a few dollars up and you can get a triangle-shaped packing that holds three berry flavored lip balms of different shades. The packet is the ultimate blessing from the Shopping Gods, really.

Shimmer Bauble

These are tiny beads of shimmer in a Body Shop tub that work big on adding radiance to your skin. It is the ne plus ultra need of your makeup collection that is just perfect when it comes to topping your final look with some glow. The shimmer bauble is not a glitter overload in any sense rather it will add a luminous glow that speaks the language of elegance. So it’s definitely something to add to your collection.