Do you ever want to maintain the fresh, just-came-out-from-the-shower fragrance that unfortunately hardly accompanies you for a few hours? Well, that pleasant freshness is very much attainable. You just need the right products to get you smelling like a walking flower.

Wondering what is the main product for achieving this freshness? A body mist. You could use the combination of a body cream and a body mist to keep your skin smelling beautiful all day long. But keep in mind that the scent of a body mist doesn’t linger for long which is why reapplication every few hours is a must.

What is a body mist?

A body mist is a type of a fragrance, much lighter than a perfume. You cannot only apply a body mist, sans spraying on perfume, because it wouldn’t last too long or give that strong an aroma. If your goal is only to be pleasantly scented then the solo application of a body mist can be enough.

Since a body mist is light you have to spray on two to three pumps between each session of perfume reapplication. Ideally, you should reapply a body mist every two hours so that you keep smelling wonderful. Body mists should be applied directly onto your skin. If you put them on your lotion lathered body, the scent of the lotion would also linger longer.

This is why these products, creams, lotions, and body mists, should come from the same brand. You can also apply body mists on your clothes. Since they are light, there is no fear of stains. Body mists are complementary scents to perfumes to make those last longer as well.

The most interesting thing about these pleasant scents is that they are quite pocket friendly. Body mists do not cost as much as perfumes and their bottles are bigger with more product. This makes sprinkling some on throughout the day easy-peasy.

Other uses of a body mist

Body mists are mainly used as the sidekick of perfumes. They are also used by people who want some light fragrance to keep them smelling good all day such as students at school, or people who go to the gym and want to stay fresh after exercise and a shower. There are some more ways as well in which you can use body mists. Here’s a look at these:

1 – As a car freshener

Is your car smelling damp? Do you want to give it a fresh fragrance that is subtle, not overpowering, before taking your date on a drive? Spray on your daily body mist to make the air smell lovely.

2 – As a sheet spray

Every night before going to sleep, set your bed and during that, spray some body mist on the sheets. You will enjoy a relaxed sleep in the scented sheets.

3 – As a wardrobe refresher

Folding your clothes to not use them until next time? Or packing some outfits for travels? Don’t forget to spray on some body mist to keep the wrapped items scented.