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Blizzard talks about Dragonfly, Tracktair launch zone, fame system … – World of Warcraft

Mission Table, History, Myth +, Tractors …

Blizzard answered players’ questions about expansion Dragon Flight At the end of the day on Twitter. Find the most important information below.


  • The expansion is going well. Alpha is coming soon.

New Extension

  • Each WoW expansion is a fresh start and will come back and stay the same as the others.
  • If there is anything about World of Warcraft Captured your imagination a long time ago, you have not realized it for the last two years, Dragon Flight Returning to the pure imagination, exploration and discovery of the story by meeting the characters that come your way is a great opportunity to return to Azeroth.
  • This expansion is an opportunity to love such games first and turn us back to classic fantasy themes.

Improving quality of life

  • The team moves away from temporary authority and focuses on key organizations such as skills and professions. This is a decision already made Shade lands Starting.
  • The feedback informs the team how unsatisfying it is to lose this temporary power. Losing your artifacts or antiques starts the expansion in a negative way.
  • Knowing that what you received during the extension will go away is negative even at this point.
  • The team wants to allow players to play the game the way they want, and not have to do things they do not want to achieve to get the people they want.
  • The team is wondering how the alt and catch-up mechanics will work like never before.
  • Everything must be accounted for except getting gear.
  • What happens in a linear story should be optional after the first turn.
  • Establishing your Dragon Flight in multiple characters can not be a satisfying experience.
  • Developers continue to question whether you will be happy a second time or coming back months later.
  • If your dragon can fly longer, longer distances and have more abilities, the team will not want to know those things again in your Alts. The same goes for cosmetic customization.
  • Outside of energy-giving items, once you do something as a player, you can do it again in another role if you want, but don’t have to.
  • The goal is to be very open to secondary characters from the beginning, not something that will be included in future links.
  • With no pain for months and feedback-related adjustment, developers will know that players will play their secondary roles from the first week.
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The area where the tractor starts

  • You come in full mystery and wake up after a long stagnation. It affects your memory, and all you know is that you are in a camp with friends who are in trouble.
  • You wake up your friends and try to figure out what happened and why.
  • You understand that you have been asleep for a long time.
  • This is a discovery journey to understand what happened to you and Neltarian.
  • To protect yourself from the impending threat, you discovered that you were created as a soldier. You find out what that threat is and that it arises again.
  • It’s fun to see how dragons work, even Alexstrasa does not know you exist.
  • The starting part of the tractor will be used more than that. Everyone will eventually get there.

Reputation system

  • The reputation system has not really changed since 2004.
  • Councils Shade lands Works well with clean reputable interface.
  • We will meet the ‘key sections’ with clear and elegant reward improvement.
  • Each is self-sufficient. Unlike agreements, you can switch between them and focus on anything you want.
  • There were time limits for congregations, but the system was very flexible.
  • Some rewards will be added to the account, such as opening a cosmetic item or gaining access to an area, but not products that give you energy.

Task Schedule

  • No work schedule provided Dragon Flight.


  • There is an epic ending that includes the characters we help during the expansion.
  • The team wants players to feel confident and confident in the Dragons. You will notice who you are adventuring with and landing.
  • Thematically, these expansion dragons, the threats they face, the goals they have, what we do to help them, and what other dragons do to prevent them.

Myth +

  • Dungeons of Shade lands And Battle for Azeroth Rejected for Mythic +. The fog of Pandria Some are interesting in challenge mode.
  • The team is ready to adjust the dungeons to provide the required modern gameplay in Myth +
  • Every Myth + season should be a new experience, just like raids with new raids.
  • Not likely to use dungeons but possible செந்தரம் In Mithik +. They are visually and mechanically very late. The team probably puts the limit The fog of Pandria. Anything old will require a major restoration.
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  • Traktires are a class that uses intelligence.
  • What the developers think of the weapons is similar to the use of swords without shaman shields.
  • The latter cannot initially access the Maze Tower.
  • Access the Tractors Torment and the Tower of the Damn.
  • No artefacts or class halls.
  • Artists have added a variety of customizations to both styles. There is an article on the product in which they will discuss the options in more detail.
  • They are not from one race Dragon FlightBut they are a combination of the best.
  • When you wake up, you are in dragon form. There will be a point in the story as you go into the world, and you will have to knock your death out and present your human form.
  • A tank expertise is not possible. This is a spelling class in essence.
  • The team did not close the door to a third expertise, but the tank was not possible. Previous hero classes had tank options, so this is an appropriate role.


  • Chrome works well. Shade lands Will be added to it.
  • Battle for Azeroth It will be a natural experience for new players, but this may change in the future.
  • Shade lands Contains complex story ideas for new players.


  • Anger and Other Features Over time there are many stories that exist in the Dragon Islands.
  • In Patch 9.2.5, something happens in Trisfall, which may include Galia Menetil, Forsaken and more.
  • When the team adds new writing customizations like the one in Patch 8.1, it’s thanks to a story opportunity.

The plane behind the dragons

  • The current plane is like swimming in the air. No speed, physics or gravity.
  • The aircraft has the power to shrink the world, eliminate danger, and shorten explorations.
  • In the long run, practice is important, which is why the team delivers aircraft to players shortly after expansion.
  • When starting this time, the developers want to do something new and exciting, without being grounded.
  • In the first or second leveling zone on the first day of expansion, you will gain the confidence of the Dragon mate you can summon. Basically, they have limited endurance and experience.
  • There is a stamina bar that decreases as you gain or move endurance.
  • Classic flight is always a long-term project Dragon Flight.
  • The beginning of the dragon flight experience we have seen in the videos so far.
  • How you progress your dragon flight is yet to be determined. Developers do not want to associate it with a particular type of content because it brings limitations.
  • In the long run, it is possible to allow dragon flight outside the Dragon Islands. In the short term, this is a specific feature of the extension that takes place in the environment created for it. The opinion of the players will be important.
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  • Eventually the ceasefire was signed Battle for Azeroth The cross-section was the starting point of the groups. Players will be reminded that this is a collective adventure.
  • Everything between the alliance and the crowd is not forgotten, there is always emotion and distrust.
  • Let’s look at some of the characters working together that were previously impossible.
  • In a way, the storytelling is less suited to a new mechanic, but the dynamics are more suited to past storytelling. Circumstantial cooperation to deal with common threats is routine Warship.
  • There may be cross-faction guilds, but there are a significant number of technical challenges.
  • Social perception and engineering advancement will determine how it works.


  • This method has no temporary power.
  • The team did not bring back most of the settings Shatwollands. Gear, external advancement and global currencies can help deepen your progress in power.
  • For players who enjoy only this part of the game the experience of the outside world should stand on its own.
  • The version of the Great Vault will be with some minor changes. This is a clear upgrade to a one time loot box.


  • The Tuskers would be very powerful as an allied race.
  • Alex Strassa has witnessed the destruction of dragons by humans and dragons. She is optimistic, but understands feelings about past actions. She may have something specific to Death Knights. The conditional quest text in the appropriate context for the character is a good thing.
  • Discovering Azoroth: Nortrent comes with a lot of fantastic information.
  • While working on this set, the team met with Inuit to see how to add some stories in a respectful and relevant way.