May 24, 2022

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Blizzard is the new Warcraft mobile game called Warcraft Arclight Rumble – World of Warcraft

Provides blizzard Warcraft Orchite RumbleA new mobile game in the universe Warship. Below you will find all the information that was revealed during the live broadcast.

Note: The message will be updated in the evening.

Summary of live

  • Blizzard announces Warcraft Orchite RumbleA New mobile game. Official site.
  • Game inspired by Tower Defense, but has an attack claim.
  • When the war starts, take out your army and confront the boss and defend your base.
  • Control the Meeting Stone.
  • Grab the towers to attack the boss.
  • Plunder the treasures on the map.
  • The more gold you get, the more confusing it can be.
  • Each ‘mini’ has its own personality.
  • Five families: Alliance, Heart, Blackrock, Undead and Animals.
  • Leaders help you in the style of your game, change your game.
  • You do not have to know the Warcraft universe.
  • There is the Kurubashi Stadium, there is the An’Goro.
  • Cards are played differently.
  • New dungeons every week.
  • Co-op, play with your guild or friends or fight with friends.
  • Raids.
  • Beta will close soon in some regions.

Other information

  • Control your ‘Minis’ force to defeat the bosses and characters of the Warcraft universe.
  • Play the iconic characters of the universe like Zina and Chromemash.
  • Defeat enemies from all over the Warcraft universe in familiar and unfamiliar places.
  • Discover new maps and new employers as you travel through Azore.
  • Collect dozens of Azeroth units and characters.
  • Build an army of allies, heart, beasts, undead and blackrock.
  • Unlock capabilities and upgrades as your minis level increases.
  • Every mini and hero you play is important when it comes to success.
  • Spell spells like blizzard or chain lightning to defeat your enemies and turn the tide of war.
  • Take advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses: units against flying people or magic against infantry.
  • Use the unique powers of your minis to form a team and confront the enemies you face.
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