Is this a reliable product? Is it safe? BioHarmony Complex Plus is a new product that claims to be effective at helping you slim down. It is a Science Natural Supplement’s weight loss aid by Dr. Zane Sterling. The formula is natural and supported by clinical evidence.

What Is This Product For?

It can be difficult to beat the anxiety that arises in the middle of slim and fit girls when you are overweight. Because society has set up the standard of being an XS size, keeping your confidence up despite being in XXL is supremely tough. Not to forget, being overweight is also unhealthy as it is connected to a number of health problems such as cardiovascular disease.

This brings us to BioHarmony Complex Plus, a solution that may be able to help you achieve your weight loss goals and regain your self-esteem. This formula contains only natural ingredients like L-glutamine, beta-alanine, astragalus, and niacin. All these are effective at helping you with weight loss as shown by research. What’s more, the product also comes from a company that is renowned and from a maker who is an experienced expert. Hence, you can rely on it.

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What Makes This Product Better?

BioHarmony Complex Plus stands out of the crowd of other weight loss supplements because it takes a unique approach. Most products only focus on boosting your metabolism or kicking your body into the ketosis phase. This one doesn’t just focus on these aspects. It controls another constituent of weight gain – we’re talking about hormonal issues.

So basically, this formula does two things:

  • It supercharges your metabolic activity
  • It controls hormonal dysfunction so that fat cells don’t increase

Other than this, there are other qualities as well which make this dietary supplement way better than its alternatives. What are these features that make it seem better?

  • The dietary supplement is completely natural
  • It doesn’t comprise of any additives, fillers, and other chemicals
  • The ingredient-list and approach are both backed by science
  • The product has been formulated keeping up with the best and highest quality standards
  • It is GMP-certified
  • The company behind this product is a well-known one
  • And lastly, there is a money back guarantee too

Working Of This Product

It is crucial to understand how BioHarmony Complex Plus does it its job. This allows you to determine whether or not this is a formula that you should invest in. In this regard, here is a quick look at the two ways this dietary supplement helps chop off excess pounds:

  • Boosted metabolism

The first thing that this product does is that it controls thyroid functionality to correct it. When your thyroid does its job as it should be doing, your weight goes down as your body’s metabolic activity is supercharged. With an accelerated metabolism, fats are not stored. Rather they are melted off as they are converted into usable energy.

  • Hormonal control

Secondly, what this formula does is that it controls the hormonal switch in your body. When this switch is turned on, you put on more and more pounds as fat cells are increased. This formula turns off this hormonal switch so that fat cells are decreased rather than the other way around. This helps with weight management as well.

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Composition Of This Product

BioHarmony Complex Plus works effectively owing to its very strong ingredient profile. All the components in this formula are natural and there is no inclusion of any sorts of harmful ingredients like chemicals, preservatives, and fillers.

Here’s a look at the ingredients that it includes:

  • Astragalus – for stress relief
  • Niacin – for reducing brain fog and supporting heart health
  • Bela-alanine – for improving mood and providing anti-aging benefits
  • L-glutamine – for promoting weight loss
  • L-arginine – for boosting fat metabolism
  • Pegyeum – for combating oxidative stress
  • African mango extract – for controlling body weight

The Company Behind This Product

BioHarmony Complex Plus comes from Science Natural Supplements which happens to be a renowned company that has a lot of other supplements on the market as well. The genius who has formulated this product is Dr. Zane Sterling who has years of experience and expertise in the medical field. Since it comes from known names, the product is reliable.

How To Use This Product?

This dietary supplement comes in the form of an oil which is easier to take than even capsules. You are only supposed to take a few drops on a daily basis as recommended. Be sure to completely follow the guidelines of use mentioned on the label so as to experience results. Also consult your physician before use to ensure the product is a good one to add to your routine.

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Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

Here’s a quick look at the pricing so that you can see whether or not this product fits in your budget:

  • One bottle – $69
  • A pack of three bottles – $59 each
  • A pack of six bottles – $49 each

Shipping charges are on the company. There is also money back guarantee that lasts for 180 days. if During this time if you notice that the results are not worthwhile, you can contact the customer support team, return the bottles and get your cash back.

Try to give this product at least 3 months before coming to a conclusion about whether or not it works. While how long it takes to show effects differs from one person to another, most are able to notice significant reduction in their weight within this time.


BioHarmony Complex Plus is a weight loss supplement for anyone who wants to get rid of excess weight naturally. The formula works effectively owing to how it works. It is also safe to use which means there is little to no chance of negative effects. Furthermore, science supports the approach and composition of the product. If interested, you can purchase it from its official website.

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