June 26, 2022

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Bill Spencer thinks he’s finally accepting the gamepass model – GameSpot

According to Jason Schreier for Bloomberg, Sony Interactive Entertainment is considering merging its PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions to create a new, robust formula. Codenamed Spartacus, this redesign will offer a variety of levels on paper, including a library of classic PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games in addition to the traditional PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now benefits we know today.

None of these rumors indicate that the PlayStation Studios games appeared on the day of the subscription release, but the idea of ​​presenting this new formula as “the answer to the Xbox Game Pass” has already been mooted. SIE has not yet announced anything, we do not know what Bill Spencer will do, but the Xbox boss has had the opportunity to congratulate himself on the choices Microsoft has made in recent years (subscription, backward compatibility, Games Cross). -Site), he hopes to be accepted by the competition sooner or later.

I do not want to sound like I’ve figured it all out, but I think the right answer is to let its customers play the games they want to play. Build their libraries when they are clear about goals based on PC initiatives or cross-gen initiatives and other things. If I hear that others are doing things like game pass or wanting to come to PC, I understand that, because that is the right answer.

I do not see it as valid. In fact, when I talk to teams, I talk about inevitability. For us, it is essential to be constantly innovating and being competitive, because the things we do may be beneficial to this market today, but it is based on the fact that we did it in the first place, not us. I have created something that no one else can do.

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I like it because when we continue to create things we have done in the past, it feeds our energy into the things we need to do next. I think the right answer is to send the best games, send to PC, send to console, send to cloud, make them available on the first day of subscription. I think that’s what our competitor is going to do.

If the good results of the PlayStation exclusions on PC (and the lack of next-gen consoles) are factors that could speed up SIE’s presence on the PC, then Bill Spencer’s biggest bet is that his competitor will end up integrating its core games. The subscription is from the first day, covering topics such as Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7. In November 2019, Jim Ryan clearly opposed the idea, but the PlayStation boss himself acknowledged that the future could be. Keep the surprises.

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