By now, everyone knows that Beyoncé has slayed at Coachella. She has delivered not one but two powerful performances looking absolutely gorgeous in Olivier Rousteing ensembles. She’s danced to stellar choreography and there have been two Destiny’s Child reunions too. Queen Bey has thus managed to make history this Coachella with her outstanding existence.

However, all this didn’t happen without a literal slip. The American singer-songwriter, while performing on stage with her sister Solange Knowles, fell and took sissy dear down with her! But because both of the ladies are stunners, they goofed around, laughed it off, and continued on with rocking the second weekend of the music festival.

Exactly how you should deal with an oh-no moment. This is what happened: Beyoncé hugged and attempted to pick Solange up, but that’s not what the universe had planned for them, so the 36-year-old tumbled and fell right along with Solange! Twitter, of course, made sure that the moment became unforgettable and was recorded forever in the books of time.

However, since fans love these two, the moment got noticed with all happy smiles and laughs. One excited Twitterer wrote, “BEYONCÉ TRIED TO PICK UP SOLANGE TO HUG HER AND DROPPED HER SKSKSKKS AND THEY BOTH FELL.” Other than performing with her sister, and her former bandmates, Queen Bey also performed with husband Jay-Z. Also, she sang Migente with J Balvin.

The Crazy In Love singer’s powerful moments have elicited positive responses from impressed fans and celebrities alike. Not only did her voice do the magic but her beauty looks, bedazzling outfits, and overall glam game also made sure to allure. Adding to the vibe were strategically placed wind machines blowing the superstar’s gorgeous mane. Beyoncé even pointed one, which wasn’t directed at her, toward herself to ensure the sass was not lost even for a minute.