May 24, 2022

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Between the Xbox and the PS5, France chose the Nintendo Switch

Sales figures for consoles in France reveal the extent to which Nintendo dominates the market, thanks to the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch OLED Beckwill

Improved Positioning of the Nintendo Switch OLED // Source: Anthony Warner – Frontroid

Microsoft and Sony have been launching their new game consoles for over a year: PlayStation 5 And Les Xbox Series S And Series X. Journalist Oscar Lamiere was able to get sales figures for consoles in France in 2021 To the Ludostrie site. Opportunity to draw an objective estimate of the market in France with accurate data. Between the two giants who oppose each other through their fans on the internet, we can actually see Nintendo performing better.

One of the two consoles sold is the switch

The site reveals that Nintendo will be able to sell 1,231,000 Nintendo Switch consoles by 2021, bringing the total to 6 million consoles sold in France since its launch in 2017. The Wii and PlayStation 4 have set foot on French soil in parallel, although it has not yet finished its life.

More specifically, the Nintendo Switch will account for 57.52% of home console sales in 2021. So Sony and Microsoft need to share the rest of the market. Surprisingly, the PlayStation 5 comes in second with 29% of the market. Microsoft ends the race with just 11% of the Xbox Series’ sales. The PlayStation brand has always been spreading historically in France and the release of these new consoles proves this once again.

Source: Oscar Lemaire -

Source: Oscar Lemaire –

Unlike the rest of the world, the new PS5 and Xbox Series consoles are selling worse than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in their time due to lack of stock. Note that this is not true in the international market: The Xbox Series was a record year And the PlayStation 5 follows the same trend despite the lack.

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Xbox Series S or X? Is it with the PS5 reader or not?

Looking closely at sales figures, it is interesting to know what consumers have chosen over the different models offered by Sony and Microsoft. Therefore, the classic model of PlayStation 5 with disk drive accounts for 85% of PS5 sales. Fortunately, because The model without a disk drive is actually less enjoyable.

On the Xbox side, “over 50%” sales are very much in balance with the Xbox Series S. With the aggressive price of 300 euros, its sensible design and the connection with the Xbox Game Pass, the portable console provided by Microsoft is quite impressive. However, it is a safe bet that the popularity of the Xbox Series was explained by the absence of the Series X. The small console is very easy to find and buy, while the Series X is only available on the 2021.

Only at the end of the deficit can we truly measure the popularity of each console. Meanwhile, with the easy-to-make switch, popular games and the highly competitively expensive console, Nintendo will cope with the best and become famous.

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