Betty Wright, one of the most famous singers in SOUL passes away. The singer was 66 years old, and she was famous for her song ‘No pain no gain. According to the news , her niece informed the media about the death of this legendary singer. Her song, Tonight is the night, became of the greatest hits of all times, and was a source of entertainment for her fans for the longest time.

The niece of Betty Wright tweeted about the news and informed the world about the passing away of her aunt. She tweeted that the she has lost her aunt in the morning, and the entire mood has changed now. She prayed that her aunt would sleep in peace. She also hoped that her aunt would fly high like an angel now. Adding to her tweet, she said that her aunt was definitely a legend. She also said that her aunt has helped her in receiving her initial paychecks in the field of singing. Alongside, she revealed that she was not able to see her aunt for a week, which would be her great regret for the rest of her life.

Betty Wright had four children named Asher, Aisha, Chaka  and Patrice. One of her kids, Chaka Khan, used twitter to asked the fans of the singer to pray for her. This made everyone realize that the star is going through some really hard time, health wise. She said that her sister is in need of the prayers, and is in some critical situation at the moment.

Betty Wright is considered as one of the of the most influential singers in the genera of rock and roll. At the same time, her sense of Rap music was amazing.

In the year 1971, she was born in Miami. For eighteen years, she worked really hard towards making herself a refined singer. In the eighteen year, she debuted as a singer in 1971, and she was a hit with her first song. Later, in 1992, the track was replicated in the name of Real Love by none other than Mary J. Blige. The singer is a Grammy winner, who is known for her phenomenal lyrics and amazing sense of music creation. ‘Clean up Woman’ is also considered to be one of the most famous songs sung by her.

‘Where is Love’ is also quite a lovely song, which the singer treated her fans with. Mother Wit is considered as one of the most widely acclaimed albums by the singer.

A lot of her co-singers took to the twitter and regretted her loss of life to cancer. The prominent stars that shared their thoughts on the social media website are Viola Davis and Dawn Richard. Her death is surely a huge loss to the world of entertainment, and her fans would always love and remember her for her amazing creations and song writing skills.