Movies are close to the heart of movie-buffs. People who love to watch movies have certain scenes carved in their hearts. Every now and then, they tend to move back to YouTube and re-watch these scenes again.

Some of the most amazingly pictured movie scenes are listed here.


25th Hour

One of the most iconic movie scenes ever pictured in Hollywood belongs from the movie 25th Hour. Monty dreams about a life that is quite different from what it really is at the moment. He dreams of having a wife and children, who would stay with him happily. While talking to him, his father says that now that he is going to the prison for seven long years, he would know whether the woman he always loved actually reciprocated his love or not.

The sadness portrayed in this movie is quite engulfing for the emotional people.

Lost in Translation

The late night conversation between Bill and Charlotte is ambiguous as well as romantic. It occurs in casual circumstances and leads to such deep discourse that the one watching it surely sheds a tear or two. It is shot in a deceptive simplicity, offering the viewers three angles to interpret the back-story.


Personal Shopper

The ghost texting scene in the movie Personal Shopper is crafted to perfection. It is an autobiography of  Olivier Assayas, who is always interested in the technology and how it shaped human lives.  The grace with which the protagonist transitions from one space to the other is surely worth praising. Kristen Stewart’s aggressive, yet sexually charged texting, makes this scene worth watching.


If you have yet not watched these above-mentioned scenes, you are missing out on A LOT. Take some time out from your busy schedule and get indulged in the delight of viewing these scenes. You will find them all on YouTube, easily.