So the clock makes the final, most awaited strike and here we are at the start of the shopping spree this season. Needless to say, the Black Friday shopping bonanza has plenty to offer in every walk of life. This also includes amazing deals for the fitness gear you might have your eyes trained on for long now. There is no better time to shop all the stuff you need for maintaining a trimmed body than now.

So here are some of the deals for this year that you shouldn’t be missing at all:

Old Navy’s 50% Off On Its Shopping Cart

Old Navy is always a reasonable spot to gather your fitness gear. But it is all the more fun this Black Friday when the store is offering a 50% off on your entire purchase. The three-day sale has commenced as the Thanksgiving Eve has struck and will go on until Black Friday.

The prices are amazing with a capital A that demands your attention. For instance, the high-rise mesh-panel 7/8 length leggings that are regularly priced at $33 are presently for $16.50 and the semi-fitted run shorts that were for $17 are not only for $8.50. Does that not make your heart go oh-la-la?

The ‘One Dolla Holla’ Sale That You Aren’t Supposed To Miss At All!

Not only is Old offering an overall sale but this Black Friday it has an enormous, mind-blowing, how-did-that-happen sale on socks! Cold feet aren’t just a singular problem that a few individuals face but it’s a common community problem and we all need more socks especially the ones on sale.

And that’s not even the best part. The best part is the 1 DOLLAR price of the cozy socks. Typically, the brand’s cozy socks come for $5 but the $5 minus $4 price is just fantabulous and you can get your winter buddies in novelty prints such as gingerbread and unicorns.

The Big Crunchy Sale

If you’re thinking that you’d only be able to grab a handful of workout gear and some socks and that’s all, then you’re in for a surprise. If you have been needing a treadmill for some while now or you just need to get a new one, you can add that to your list too. Dick’s Sporting Goods has the much-desired sale of all the big fitness items. The treadmill’s price is slashed down by 50% from $2000 to $898. Didn’t the discount just get weirdly amazing? Oh yes, it did.

Adidas Also Has Some Discounts In Store For You

The Black Friday sales at Adidas that most of us hold as the fitness gear guru has struck on the 21st of November, where it is offering a 50% off in the sale section. Celebrations don’t halt until Cyber Monday where a 30% discount ensues from 26-27/11. Use the code CYBER2017 to avail the declined prices.

Fitness Footwear Sale

Finish Line also has some best-discounted sale prices waiting for you. The sale kicks in from 23 November and parades through 30 November! You have Nike Shoes to choose from a sale of up to 40% off. Other women’s footwear has a similar off of up to 40% discount and men’s footwear boasts slashed prices of about 30% off.