Since the time people have had the power to see the whole world on their palms because of mobile phones, new trends have been emerging. Mobile phones have changed the world altogether. Now, you see a new trend emerging every other day. The trend of selfies is taking over the world gradually.


The trend has become so wild that the oxford dictionary had to add the word SELFIE in the dictionary as a proper word. The social networking sites further made this trend extensive and people love clicking their selfies and posting them on social networking sites. The sites like Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram are filled with various kinds of selfies. It has now become a trend to put up a customary selfie on Instagram wherever you are.


In this competition of looking good in the pictures, people look forward to various applications that can make them look good in the pictures.

Where Instagram comes up with its own filters and effects that make your pictures look better, there are several other photo editing applications that you can use to make your pictures look more artistic.
These applications come up with hundreds of options that let you add filters, backgrounds, frames as well as emojis. Some of them are:


1) Frame magic:

If you want to add an unusual frame in your picture to make it look creative, you need to install this application named Frame magic. The application works in iOS and though you need to pay 0.99$ for it, the amount is definitely worth spending.

You also get the choice of adding up hundreds of frames in your picture in whatever manner you want to add it. You get a direct option to upload your picture on Instagram after you edit it completely.

2) PicsArt:

The android users who do not wish to spend any money while downloading applications, PicsArt is the best option available for them. This application is free and provides you hundreds of options to add effects in the pictures.

The effects range from Sketcher, Pencil, Comic Holgaart, and many more. Download this application and make yourself look unbelievingly beautiful in the pictures.

3) Pixlr-o-Matic:

Pixlr-o-Matic is one application that you can download no matter you use an android device or an iOS one. The best part of this application is that it is free and lets you add a frame as well as millions of effects and filters in the picture. This application is one of the most widely used applications and you can make your photographs look fancy through it!