Tired, dull, oily or acne-prone skin? Before searching for home remedies on google check your refrigerator. Because there’s this really wonderful and convenient something in your freezer that works like a miracle for your skin. It’s called a Cube, Ice Cube. An ice cube has a whole lot of benefits for your skin. It melts off pretty quickly, but it has a powerful and immediate impact on your skin. However, since ice burns totally happen, you have to be smart and cautious while using an ice cube on your skin.

Some of the benefits of an ice cube have been listed below.

Refreshes the eyes

A long day of work can tire your eyes. Consistently working with your eyes glued to the screen can exhaust your eyes to the level that dark circles and puffiness become constant partners. An ice cube can, however, be a convenient solution for this problem.

Wrapping one in a paper towel or plastic bag, and running it around one’s eyes for a few short seconds can not only grant your tired eyes the cool sensation they need but also work to combat the impacts of all the hours of hard work and lack of sleep. To make it all the more effective, custom make your cubes using green tea or milk.

Waves goodbye to pimples

An ice cube can also work to fight off acne. In times of despair, when a pimple pops up to ruin your mood further make use of ice. Ice cubes are known for shrinking acne and curbing inflammation. To get the benefits enclose an ice cube in a paper towel or napkin.

Apply it directly on the acne and hold it there for less than a minute. Since pimples are packed with bacteria along with being sensitive be careful when applying ice in the affected area. You can also make orange or lemon juice ice cubes and massage them gently for better results. The vitamin C content will do wonders for your skin.

Betters tone and texture

An ice cube can also brighten up your complexion. In fact, if you hate how your face is all puffed up in the morning, applying an ice cube would be a great idea for you. An ice cube wrapped in cloth can be massaged for getting rid of that look and instantly giving you a glow.

What it does is that it boosts the circulation of blood which works to do a favor for your skin color and texture. Since ice also smooths out the skin, and works as a primer, it would be a good choice for your morning makeup routine as well. Apply it with gentle pressure until it melts and then wash your face with warm water before wearing any makeup.

Delays wrinkles and sagginess

Ice cubes can also delay the impacts of aging from showing on your skin. While you cannot run or hide from wrinkles, you can surely block them for some years. Start working on it from your younger years. Wash your face with warm water and then apply a cube on it until it melts off.

This will tighten your pores and lock the moisture in. Both of these effects will in turn keep the wrinkles from appearing all too soon. The tightening effect of ice also means your skin won’t sag as early as it usually does. Don’t just massage the ice cube on your face though, apply it gently on your neck as well.

Reduces oiling and exfoliates

Fed up of oiling? Oiling doesn’t just make you look dull, but it also contributes to acne. Keep it from getting troublesome by applying an ice cube to your skin. Pack it in a cloth or plastic bag and run it across your face. You can add mint to the mix as well.

Not only would this remedy reduce oil secretions, but it will also make you look refreshed. Once done, apply a moisturizer on your skin and you’ll be ready to go. Ice cubes also work as great exfoliators. You can freeze pureed cucumbers or blueberries for better results. Or just use good old milk. The lactic acid in it would rub the dead cells away.