That’s the thing about news; it demands to be noticed. It often knows more about celebs than they know about themselves. More often than not, the rumors that circulate about a person are also news to him. Something similar happened with Bella Hadid. While the latest reports and insider bits to US Weekly suggested that the 21-year-old model might be having an affair with NBA player Jordan Clarkson, the model is herself unaware of the situation.

She didn’t say much on the matter though, she just briefly expressed her bafflement on the news. The star took to Twitter to post a brief “I am? 🙄” in response to Perez Hilton’s tweet that said, “Sorry, @theweeknd! @bellahadid is reportedly now “hooking up” with NBA stud @JordanClarksons!” The source that had told US Weekly about the two had said, “They’ve been hanging out the past few weeks.”

This is a clear indication that Hadid was just hanging out with her buddies not hooking up with the basketballer. The model was recently very coldly dumped by Drake after which she had started to mend her broken terms with her previous ex, The Weeknd. Reports also said that Starboy Abel Tesfaye had sent her flowers following her breakup with Hotline Bling bae.

At that time, she had clearly said that she was just focusing on herself and her career. From her reaction on Twitter, it is pretty obvious that her dating doors weren’t just closed for Selena Gomez’s ex but she was actually being serious when she said, “I’m just really focusing on myself, and my work, and just being the best that I can be.”

The Victoria’s Secret model was perhaps just steering her broken links with the Canadian singer in a friendly direction. Just like Kendall Jenner did after parting ways with Jordan Clarkson – the guy whose name is now being called side by side with Bella’s. Clarkson has not commented on the matter yet. But Bella has made it almost clear that it is not what people are making it into. It can also be that she is keeping the news under wraps but that is not likely.