Bebe Rexha stunned at the Grammy’s this year!

The Meant To Be singer was seen in a red, voluminous gown and shiny Dan Morris diamonds that stole the show. Her Monsoori designer wear had a tulle skirt and halter-styled top. With her blonde hair tied up, there’s no denying that her look was too pretty to ignore.

The Grammys nominee for two awards had taken to Instagram back in January to post a video in which she told her fans that one too many designers didn’t want to dress her for the event. The reason? Because her size is above 8.

When the controversial topic was brought up again at the grand event, Bebe said, “Yo, you wish you could’ve dressed my fat ass!” The 29-year-old didn’t only look like a princess out of a fairytale, but clearly her dress was also comfy as she herself had mentioned.

Bebe told media outlets that following her Instagram rant that several designers had reached out to her and even more fans had supported her. “I don’t know which one to wear. It’s either gonna be a really big hot pink dress, or it’s gonna be this red Marilyn Monroe thing…it’s like a darker red with tons of tulle,” Bebe Rexha had said. “But they’re both puffy so I can eat whatever I want.” Relatable.

However, not everyone was able to look at the problem Bebe was trying to address. Several people were of the view that while she was claiming that designers didn’t want to dress her, the actual problem was that she wasn’t getting a dress for “free.”

We’re so glad Bebe didn’t pay any attention to the hate and focused on sauntering into the Grammy’s looking wow and feeling the same way too! Clearly her fans are delighted to see her Grammy’s diva look. One took to Twitter to write, “@ all the designers that refused to dress Bebe… look how you lost the opportunity to dress such a beauty.”