Beauty Bloggers That You Must Follow

The quarantine and self-isolation prevalent during the COVID 19 spread has made everyone sit at home. Obviously, sitting at home can get quite boring, especially when you have got nothing to do. Reading, cooking, and scrolling through social media applications is literally all that people  do, and still there is a lot of time left.

If you are someone who is also going through an existential crisis like a lot of us, we serve you a very good idea. For all the girls who are big fans of makeup but are really not expert enough to give themselves makeovers, this is the perfect time to learn this skill. YouTube is surely a great teacher, and there are several amazing bloggers over there, showing their followers the techniques of applying makeup.

Some of the best beauty bloggers that you need to follow are:

Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley is famous in the world of beauty bloggers for her layered challenges. In these challenges, she dons around a hundred layers of a beauty product, and uploads the final result. Not only is this but she is known for her out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to applying makeup. Alissa has more than two million followers on YouTube, which speaks volume of the trust she has developed over the years. Her fans make sure to give her videos quick views as soon as they are uploaded.

Mixed Makeup

The channel Mixed Makeup offers its users with the most phenomenal ideas when it comes to applying the makeup. The channel is loaded with numerous makeup looks, and some great recipes to make the skin glow like glitter. The best thing about this channel is that it is not an independent media. Rather, a number of women offer their tips and tricks to the viewers.

Haley Kim

Haley Kim is a Japanese makeup artist with 444K subscribers. The best thing about her blogging channel is that she regularly keeps updating her fans about the latest makeup reviews. These reviews give information to the users whether they should opt for them or not, aiding them in saving a lot of money. This blog is surely a great way to add up to your information regarding varied makeup products and ways to apply them.

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina, a black beauty from Nigeria, is quite famous on YouTube. A partner with the Anastasia Beverly Hills as well as Sephora, this makeup artist is known for her quirky attitude and varied makeup looks. She makes everything look extremely easy, which is quite stress-free for her fans to copy.

Desi Perkins 

Desi Perkins is a thirty three years old American blogger who is quite well known in the community of makeup lovers. With 3.31M subscribers on YouTube and 3.9m followers on Instagram, her fans love her for her quirky makeup tips and tricks. This social media influencer is definitely a beauty with brains whose followers take her advises really seriously.