Taking good pictures with good angles and backgrounds is an art, while making them look even better by adding retouches is another art. If both these arts come together naturally to an artist, he is bound to be an amazing photographer.

If a photographer has captured a beautiful moment but the picture has not turned out flawless , the retouching is necessary to be done. Retouching of the pictures helps you
making the bad pictures look good and makes the good pictures look even better!


The retouching of the photographs is also a little controversial as photographers are mostly criticized for adding too much touchups with the help of photo shops ending up making the picture look artificial. The best thing to do in such scenario is to make sure that you do not overdo it. Applying little touchups here and there is alright till it doesn’t make the complete picture look artificial. After all, who doesn’t like a picture in which he looks good!
There are certain retouching tricks that every photographer must know off is he really wants his pictures to come out exquisite. Some of them are explained bellow and you can use them to polish your photography skills:

1) Copy it:

The basic step before you start the retouching of a fabulously taken picture is to make a copy of it. It is necessary to have a copy of the original picture in case you do not like the final product after the retouching is done. The backup of the picture will help you doing the retouch once again.

2) Dust and noise:

While taking picture, one main reason why it might not turn out to be good enough is the high amount of dust and noise on it. The first step you need to so while retouching the picture is to remove the dust from it through the option already available in the Photoshop. This will help you having a clearer picture

3) Brightness and color:

It is mandatory to change the brightness and the hue level of the picture as it will make it appear better than before. A lot of photographers overdo the brightness which makes the pictures look too pale. Avoid overdoing it and stick to the basics.

4) Black and white:

Adding four to five black and white pictures in the album is mandatory as the retro look pictures have their own charm. Adding the retro effect will boost the charm of the moment and will make it even more breathtaking.