Not all of us have a fashion sense like Jennifer Lopez or Gigi Hadid. Some of us struggle with getting the look right and there’s not much we think we can do about it. And it’s not like the Waiting for Tonight singer has never messed up her fashion game. She too has. In an interview with Glamour, the diva had said, “I remember early in my career there was a crazy picture of me with this brown button down dress and these horrible clog shoes, and I thought to myself, ‘Whatever made me think that looked good, or looked good together!?’”

However, there are some styling errors that can be easily rectified. Mistakes that can be avoided and only are not because we’re not ready to pay attention. We should, though, considering how our dressing sense has an impact on our life, both personal and professional. That said, here are a six fashion mistakes that we commonly make, without even noticing.

Clothes that don’t fit

The biggest mistake that women make is that of hassle. Things that are done in a rush are often regrettable. Same goes for shopping. Many ladies forget that they need to closely look whether a dress would fit them or not before they go ahead and buy it. There is a fine line between oversized clothing and ill-fitting apparel that must not be crossed.

No matter how pretty a dress if it makes you look like a floating balloon, it’s no good. Consider trying on a dress before purchasing. If you can’t find the right fit, either detach your feelings from it or invest in a tailor. That would add to your expenses but would be worth the effort and extra bucks.

Too many accessories

When it comes to glamming up your look, less is more. Too much bling can ruin your look. A-list celebrities always make sure to keep their jewels to a minimal when they rock a sparkly dress. Take for instance, Dakota Fanning’s look at the New York Fashion Week Oscar De La Renta show and Margot Robbie at the Oscars this year.

There’s no need to wear huge earrings, with numerous glitzy chains, fingers dipped in a bowl of sparkly rings, and wrists enclosed in too many colorful bangles. Too much of anything can take you from fashionista right to the wannabe level. So keep it minimal.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

– Coco Chanel

Too much heavy makeup

Red lips, black smokey eyes, and pink cheeks; followed by a huge no-no! Too much of anything is bad. Let moderation be the driver of your fashion game and keep your makeup light. Soft makeup is also in vogue this year. However, how much makeup you should go for also depends on where you are heading and with whom. A party or another glam event may call for a dark and sultry look.

When just hanging out, your best bet is to make it look like you’re not wearing too much. Remember, simple is stylish. You can learn these pointers from celebrities like Selena Gomez as well. While strolling around the streets of Los Angeles in February, the Hands to Myself songstress made sure to keep the notch on her makeup down.

Not taking your body shape into account

Feeling confident in one’s own skin is the key to looking beautiful but considering your body shape before going ahead and purchasing a dress is a wise move. You wouldn’t want to spend your green bills on an outfit that would, at the end of the day, not suit your physique. Different people have different body shapes.

The most common categories include the apple shape, the pear shape, the rectangle shape, the hour glass shape, and the invested triangle shape. You can figure out which shape you are and then dress accordingly. There’s a lot of info on google that can help you dress to impress based on your body’s shape and size.

Wearing the wrong footwear

You are making a mistake if you think that people will be too hypnotized by your lovely dress to notice your shoes. In fact, shoes might be even more attention-capturing then your overall look will ever be. Putting on whatever slippers you find when rushing out of the house can result in a scenario where you have to wait in the car while your friends have all the fun.

It’s not just about the choice between sneakers, sandals, and boots. It’s more than that. The color of your shoe is also a matter that demands your consideration and the size of its heel as well. That also brings in its fold your height. Heels that are too high or not high enough can make or mar your look.

“For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.”

– Seo Min Hyun

Not following the care instructions

The label of the clothes you buy reads some instructions. It does so not just for your entertainment but so that you follow them. Following these care guidelines can help elongate the lifespan of your clothing items and keep them in good shape. Other than that, never forget to iron your clothes before you head out of your house.

Crinkles and wrinkles in your outfits can ruin their look. Never make that mistake, it gives a lazy and dull look. However, don’t iron thin, delicate fabrics. Make your important ensembles go for dry cleaning. Additionally, use felt hangers. Avoid wire ones. And stop throwing all your shoes at one place without any organization.

Handbag issues

We all have that one bag that we carry to everywhere. It’s huge, it has lots of space, and it’s, for most, black, brown, or nude. This is the bag you have ready at all times, so that whenever you’re in a hurry, you take it and run off. However, the mistake we make is that we get too attached to this handbag and carry it along everywhere.

That’s a problem; all sorts of attachment issues. A bag can last for only so long and living and breathing that one handbag forever is not the right move. It gets torn and boring overtime. So know that when it’s time to switch up, it’s time to switch up.

Following even crazy trends

It’s pretty obvious that all the trends that fashion shows or stores throw our way, need not be followed. Take for instance, all the weird jeans trends that have risen up. The crotch-less jeans were definitely not a wearable trend. Or the heads in the hands of models on the Fall NYFW ramp this year. Just because designers are showcasing a new thing, doesn’t mean that you have to try it.

Then there are those trends that suit some but not others. While a 20-year-old might good look in something, a 45-year-old might not. Same can be said about copying celebrities. Some outfits are just too impractical to be tried in real life. Fashion won’t bow down to you, you don’t have to bow down to it either.

“That is the key of this collection, being yourself. Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

– Gianni Versace

Not paying attention to the details

Fine, you have your dress for the night decided. Your shoes, jewelry, makeup, and handbag are also all at one place, ready to be rocked. But if you truly want to make a statement then you should pay attention to even the tiniest bits. For instance, the buttons of your shirt. Ask yourself; are they shiny enough? Do they look rusted? If they’re plastic, you might need to make some minor changes.

Similarly, when wearing sneakers, be sure that the lace is neat. When wearing a cardigan, make sure that the fabric is not frizzing up. The material of your purse should not be melting. People observe even the minutest details. Specially when you are looking extra posh.

Not feeling comfortable

Your dress or your footwear should not make you feel uncomfy. Because no matter how good your look, if you don’t feel comfortable, you will not be able to carry yourself confidently. If a shirt fits you perfectly, shows off those curves, but is suffocating you, go for another one. If your heels are too high so much so that you cannot walk in them, go for another pair.

If your earrings feel too heavy, go for smaller, lighter studs. Your comfort should be your priority. But that doesn’t mean that you should hangout in your pajamas at a party where everyone is in sequined attires. After all, the dress code cannot be ignored.