Demna Gvasalia’s designs never fail to stun, never fail to leave a lasting impression. With the fashion weeks in full swing, the runway has seen a lot bizarre and creative pieces of late. Balenciaga, of course, also had some spices to add to the trends. The latest whimsical item that the fashion house displayed in its 2018 fall fashion show which was held in Paris had a number written across the front of the shirt.

Models walked down the ramp wearing a blue and white button-down shirt. The front of the shirt had a yellow bar with a number given on it. If you feel like calling, here’s the number: +33 156529799. However, to help quench the curiosity of fans, The Cut already did so. Accordingly, this number actually works. It’s not just some random digits but what the couture brand calls the “Balenciaga Hotline.”

As the call is answered, a Robot from France says, “Hi and welcome to the new Balenciaga hotline. We would like to ask you a few questions” in a friendly voice. Then it proceeds to ask you twenty questions after informing you that the answers would be kept confidential. These twenty questions do not ask you any dark secrets, though.

However, since this is Balenciaga we’re talking about, the questions do get weird. It asks you your height, shoe size, and then your favorite vacation destination, season, color, and stuff like that. One would expect the brand to enter him in a competition for winning some goods or send him a freebie for being curious enough to call.

But none of that happens. Instead, you are charged for making an international call. Before the phone goes quiet, the amicable robot says, “Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. All data will be erased now. The new Balenciaga hotline wishes you a great day.” Oops, weren’t expecting that, now were you?