By this time, you must have gotten the news of coronavirus causing havoc all across the world. Starting originally from China, it has inflicted thousands of people all over the world, causing hundreds of causalities by now. The truth is, no matter where you live on the planet Earth, you are not safe from it. The disease spreads from touching.

If you touch an ATM button, you are at risk; if you touch the public stare railing, you could come under the attack; if you touch the elevator, you may get affected. In short, no place on Earth is safe. However, there is nothing to panic about. Rather, you need to be a bit more cautious and take those measures that will keep the COVID 19 far away from you.


How Does It Spread?

The most common source through which the disease of coronavirus spreads is when an infected person sneezes or coughs. When this happens, the droplets from the sneeze enter the air, and through the wind move to healthy people. They land on the nearby places, making it possible for others to get the virus by breathing in the same air. Thus, one needs to take precautions to stay away from catching the COVIS 19 virus.

How To Stay Safe From Coronavirus?

Avoid Touching Your Face

Hands tend to touch a lot of places, which take bacteria with them. The process of bacteria moving from public places to human bodies is quite stiff. Washing the hands with soap repeatedly. Using water and soap to wash the hands every hour is necessary to keep the bacteria away.

However, if you cannot manage washing your hands with water, you can opt for sanitizer as well. Cleaning the hands with sanitizer will also push the bacteria away, providing you with clean hands. Nonetheless, ensure to use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Avoid Using Your Smartphone Constantly

Smartphones that are mostly attached to people’s hands are also one of the major reasons for bacteria spreading and diseases causing a lot of issues. The screen of a smartphone is prone to absorbing a lot of germs, which in turn reach the face when the user listens to a call. In this time of distress and emergency, it is necessary to avoid using the phone as much as possible.

Wear a Facemask

Now, this is obvious! If you have to go out in the public and can not avoid human interaction, you must cover your face with a facemask. It will conceal your nose and mouth, making it impossible for the bacteria to enter your body.

Avoid Shaking Hands

One major source for this bacteria to spread from one person to the other is the human touch. Therefore, you need to avoid shaking hands with others, as it may lead to you catching the germs and bacteria leading to this deadly disease. Even if you are attending the most important meeting ever, try to greet others through a nod rather than doing so through shaking hands.