The climate is something entirely out of your control but luckily your hair color is not. They say when you plan to bring about a revolution start with yourself. And that is what we see happen in the fashion industry time and again. This year has been very happening when it comes to hair color trends. Blorange, Rainbow hair, Rose Gold; you’d think the year wouldn’t have anything more to offer. But for fall, the style gods have blessed divas with yet another hair color to try; Bronde! Come to think of it, it’s not just the colors that are creative but their names as well. And here we thought handbags had the fanciest names.

Autumn Hair Color Guide

Though earlier this year, Blorange had spread like a wildfire, the Rainbow hair color trend overtook it. People were so obsessed with the idea that they even got their armpit hair colored rainbow. We’re now in October and this trend still continues its reign. Bronde came into being when celebs were spotted sporting the shade. Gigi Hadid had embraced the color back in May and Khloe Kardashian had her hair painted a pretty brown-blonde earlier in July. Jasmine Sanders has also gone bronde albeit on the lighter side. Speeding into Autumn, everyone is going for darker and more radiant hues. All fifty shades of brown have been greeted with love.

From creamy and chocolaty hues to icy shades this year is all about keeping the look either warm or sharp; nothing in between. For the brunettes who think they’ve had enough of brown, they can switch to a brighter red. Nothing screams Autumn like red-ish brown. Or they can follow Wonder Woman star, Gal Gadot, and go for deep mahogany.

Autumn Hair Color Guide: Stay Up to Date with The Latest Trends

Platinum and jet black are in vogue too. Sorry guys, blue highlights have more or less made their way to the grave. Lucy Hale and Olivia Munn have chosen short jet-black hair over their previous hair shades. While actress and travel junkie, Shay Mitchell’s current hair color has caramel highlights. Platinum hair color had commoners and celebs alike arrested this summer. But fortunately, this trend is also planning on sticking around. The cool look is perfect for the upcoming season after all. Pro tip: go for a pixie cut when getting a platinum coat to keep hair damage to a minimum.

Balayage and red ombre are a thing of the past. Brown ombre though still thrives with Dakota Johnson sporting it these days. Predictions by Pop Sugar claim that fashionistas would be waltzing into 2018 with “Rose Quartz” hair. This color is a pretty blend of all the lightest pinks; part punk, part sweet. Instagram is already overflowing with images of ladies who’ve wholeheartedly welcomed this lovely shade. We’re surely smitten ourselves, there is just something very feminine about this color.

For those who think that platinum is a bit too much and Rose Quartz is too new to try, Sweet Sorbet might be a good choice. This pastel shade is both light and bright along with being expressive. Which color you should go for though depends on your complexion and your hair type. Color talk aside, nature often makes your hair color shift into a perfect shade all by itself. Just make sure to treat to your hair gently considering autumn can be bit cruel and cause hair to become breakable. And summer has left its impact of salt, chlorine, and well, the blazing sun.