June 26, 2022

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Attention, you need to update your iPhone immediately

A new iOS update was released on Monday, October 11th. Apple strongly recommends that you install it quickly.

OwnersIPhoneRemember to update your smartphone. As reported R.D.L. And Parisian, Apple has developed an urgently needed update to address a vulnerability that could affect the security of your device. IOS version 15.0.2 was released on Monday, October 11th. This vulnerability allows a hacker to access the heart of the iPhone and install malware, according to a cybersecurity researcher. “Apple There are reports that this vulnerability could be seriously exploited, ”Apple explains in its latest update.

This new version of the operating system is available for iPods and Apple Watch 3, which may be affected by this security issue. This is precisely thanks to the same type of vulnerabilities that the Israeli company NSO was able to use Pegasus spyware, RTL recalls.

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In addition to fixing this bug, the new version of iOS also offers some fixes. Among them: Photos saved from the Messages application may disappear when the message is deleted, it will no longer exist Docrador. Another bug is related to the CarPlay device, where audio applications may have difficulty opening or disconnecting. As a reminder, now, the latest versions of iOS[…]

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