December 9, 2021

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At 13, this wireless charger also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker

Belkin offers a lot of phone accessories, and it has some products that stand out. In fact, the manufacturer offers an induction charger that is compatible with fast charging, which comes with the speaker. In contrast, this charger is currently cheaper, only 13 euros.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

For many years, the manufacturer Belkin has earned a real reputation in the telephone parts industry. Especially its chargers are very high quality. This is the status of BoostCharge which offers not only fast wireless charging but also speaker. Today its price has dropped drastically Only less than 13 euros.

This provides the Belkin charger

  • A small design
  • 10 W fast and wireless charging
  • Compatibility with security cases and shells
  • As well as a speaker with 10W power

With a starting price of. 59.99, the Induction Charger with Speaker Belkin is now on display at Boulanger for. 19.99. However, using the promo code ” VIP 15 It goes for 17 euros and up Decreases to less than 13 euros Thanks for a 25% cash back offer Valid until December 31, 2021.

The price will be displayed as soon as the promo code is used before payment

Price will be displayed as soon as the promo code is used before payment // Source: Bouliner

Charger that saves space for transmitting sound

Belkin Inductive Charger offers a small size that takes up little space on your nightstand or desk. It weighs only 110 grams and the charger is easy to carry in a bag or in your pocket.

It is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that delivers 10W of power. A pretty awesome addition that amplifies the sound when you listen to your favorite podcast, playlist or video. You can make audio or video calls without the hassle of having a microphone installed. Also, thanks to its basics, your smartphone is manageable and can be used in landscape or portrait mode. So, without running out of battery, you can continue to watch or fasttime your favorite series.

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Simply fast

It is true that wireless charging may seem less efficient than regular wired charging, but the Belkin charger will prove you wrong. With this, you will enjoy fast charging with power up to 10 watts. So, even if you do not have your main charger, you can recover the required power to your device at any time. Finally, the manufacturer promises compatibility with most instances with a thickness of less than 3mm, so there is no need to remove your smartphone from its protection to recharge.

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