December 9, 2021

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Astronaut Thomas Baskett’s return to Earth has been postponed

Via with AFP

The crew of Crew-2, which included Thomas Pesket, was further delayed from returning to Earth and was postponed until dawn on Tuesday, November 9, due to “strong winds near the landing zone”.

Back to Earth Of French astronaut Thomas Peskett And his three teammates It’s too late NASA announced Sunday that it will take place over several hours and finally at dawn on Tuesday because of “strong winds near the landing zone”.

The Crew 2 mission will land on Tuesday from the International Space Station on Monday from Florida. NASA said on its Twitter account that the water landing was scheduled for November 9 at 3.33am GMT time. You can follow this directly on many such channels Space X Will have its own feed or sites NASA And you CNES.

Team of Crew-2, Made up of Thomas Baskett, Japanese Akihiko Hoshaid and Americans Shane Kimbro and Megan McArthur, four astronauts from Crew-3 will return to Earth before arriving at the ISS, whose departure was delayed several times. Especially due to the weather.

The 43-year-old French astronaut is completing the second mission of his career in orbit, “Alpha”. He arrived on board the ISS on April 24 with his crew. During his previous “Proxima” mission, in 2016-2017, he descended the Kazakh steps. So, the landing will be the first for him.

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