New year, new silly trends. If you think that 2017 had given you enough of a dose of questionable clothing, then know that you were wrong. When it comes to fashion, there’s no stopping weirdness. Despite the laughs thong jeans received last year, there’s a new quite revealing pair of jeans in town. The name is jeans, crotch-less jeans.

Fashion retailer ASOS is where you can find them, and it’s the name that is now being roasted by the Twitterati. These new jeans feature a mini denim skirt, (way too mini to be called a skirt so it’s more like a bandage) linked to denim pant legs with chains. The models are wearing black undies underneath however these do not come along. So perhaps, the sellers want you to expose your butt and become the butt of a joke. (Sorry, couldn’t help that)

The British fashion brand The Ragged Priest is the creator of this hot piece. Hot because of how badly it is being grilled on the internet. One person on Twitter said, “The Ragged Priest honestly need to just stop.” Another user contributed, “ASOS are pure taking the piss now.” This person showed her concern for the company saying, “Ragged Priest, u ok hun?”

If you’re interested, you might have to invest in a brand new pair of knickers unless you want to catch the chill in this cold weather. You can save ‘em for when summer kicks in, but we really think that would fry your bum when you sit on benches.

Funnily, these jeans come with a price tag of $125 despite the missing fabric. Here’s to hoping ASOS was just trolling its customers and doesn’t actually want you to rock a pair and make these jeans a thing. Which is a possibility since the jeans cannot be found on the retailer’s e-shelves now. They might or might not put them back.