Twitter is that place on social media that allows the fans to interact with their favourite stars. A lot of celebrities tend to talk to their followers from time to time. One of the most common ways through which they do is the #Ask trend, through which they answer the questions asked to them.


Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood is known for his wit and charm. From time to time, he keeps on proving that he has got the best wit, and this time too he charmed us with his amazing responses. The recent #AskSrk was surely a treat for all his fans.


1. When he himself stopped people from swarming around his house on his birthday and worry about their safety first #SafetyFirst 

2. When he said his house is not up for sale and can never be #WitAndCharm

3. When he called the simplest dish ever to be his favourite dish #DownToEarth

4. When he gave us the hope to see him in the cinemas again! #CantWait


5. When he proved yet again that he is the king of romance #Awww