Let’s put two and two together of all that we know before jumping into the big revelation. One, we know that thighs can be difficult to trim. It is often easy to shed the extra pounds anywhere on the body. However, when it comes to the stubborn fat reserves on the thighs, they are often difficult to get rid of. So here goes the sad smiley.

Next, we know that we love Ashley Graham for revealing her new and unique fitness means frequently. She is fully dedicated to fitness and has a knack for staying in shape. With such a commitment, she gives us something to watch out for: her Instagram updates on how she’s staying fit. And these updates often do not revolve around the conventional gym equipment. Well, that’s because Graham is a pro at coming up with fitness equipment that we couldn’t have imagined.

Ashley Graham’s latest fitness tool addiction is the prowler. Her recent stories have the equipment taking over the spotlight in the model’s fitness regime. The last time she used massive tires and sledge hammers, this time around, however, she has come up with a completely new way to stay fit.

The Fitness Tool

As a first impression, the tool might seem intimidating as a mass of metal that weighs about 60-80 pounds before the weight plates are loaded. But the tool is not all shades of intimidation rather it is an effective way of shaping the thighs.

The Founder of FranklyFitness in New York City, Frank Baptiste explains about the prowler, “It is one of the most effective tools whether you’re training for performance, functional fitness, or fat loss,” She also adds, “Pushing it works the anterior muscles while pulling it works the posterior ones. No matter what, though, the legs are driving the movement.”

On top of it, the incredible way of keeping in shape, pulling or pushing the weight across the area can be actually empowering. The prowler assists in a full body workout. Your entire back, arms, lower body, and core are in action while you are moving the weights. Baptiste sums it up, “It starts with a powerful hip hinge that generates momentum for a forceful horizontal pull, which is great for developing total-body power and power endurance. And its high intensity will send your heart rate through the roof, and ignite your metabolism.”

How Does It Work?

Working the prowler requires you to follow each step properly. Uno, you will have to hold the straps taut. Duos, you are to take a few steps back (typically two or three steps) which will put you in a bend position with a neutral spine, hinged hips, and knees bent.

Next, keep your shoulders tightly held back, lean and work through the heels to push the floor away. As the knees and hips extend and pull, put your elbows and hands behind your back along with the forearms and straps. Finish the step with the hips tucked in position, braced core, squeezed shoulder blades, and a tall position of the body. Repeat the movement again.

The distance you cover is determined by the space where you are working. In a distance of 30-yards, you can make 3-5 rounds but make sure to take breaks in between.

Precautionary Tip

Before plunging into using the prowler, it is essential that you already have some experience with fitness exercises. Baptiste advises that this form of fitness cannot be mastered until you have a regular practice of deadlifts, squats, and inverted rows. Hence, you need to be good at these exercise before progressing to the prowler.