December 9, 2021

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Arlo’s Smart Door Bell is almost half the price of Amazon

The Arlo-attached doorbell has a wide-angle camera that allows you to view your speaker’s face and respond to them from your smartphone. Ideal for always keeping an eye on your doorstep, it is currently on sale and goes for 105.99 euros instead of 199 when it was launched.

L'Arro Essential Wireless Video Torbel

Arlo Essential Wireless Video Torbel // Source: Maxim CrossGene for Frontroid

The Door bells and videophones Even if you are not at home, it is important now to know who is coming to your doorstep. Who better than Arlo to accomplish this task? The brand, which specializes in surveillance cameras, has introduced its wireless video doorbell with many benefits to protect your home. But security comes at a price, and that door bell is not given … except for this moment, thank you Almost 50% off At its original price, the Arlo video doorbell becomes very accessible.

What to remember about the Arlo Smart Torbel

  • Easy-to-install wireless door bell
  • Good video quality with HDR, even at night
  • Detects movements and coordinates alarm
  • Compatible with Google and Amazon helpers

Priced at 199 199, the Arlo-attached doorbell is available Sold on Amazon for 105.99 euros, Or an immediate discount of almost 100 euros.

1 month before recharging, easy-to-install doorbell

The The second door bell of the manufacturer Arlow Solves the biggest problem that existed in the first edition: it no longer needs thread. Yes, everything is simple on the Arlo video doorbell model and the installation is now only for drilling two holes. To enable it, connect to Wi-Fi in the range of 20 to 25 meters and add the Arlo ecosystem already installed in your home, otherwise it will not be usable. The software installation is simple and the application offers many possibilities such as 3-second preview or parcel detection before motion detection. The bell does not ring here and your smartphone will alert you if your call bell button is pressed.

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In terms of autonomy, during our test it lasted 34 days in “enabled” mode, with the usual paragraphs, the movements were detected. So count instead of one month and in idle mode it will last for two and a half months. It has a removable rechargeable battery. But it is also possible to choose the main connection (with the help of an expert’s recommendation). It is obviously suitable for outdoors, resistant to bad weather and heat or cold. The design follows the brand’s codes and is the same as the previous model.

Good video quality to see who is behind your door

In terms of video quality, this is excellent. The camera displays 1080p video definition and the sensor with HDR provides detailed image in all light conditions as day or night thanks to its night vision. The 180 ° viewing angle is one of its biggest strengths in seeing as much as possible. Also, this call bell can be used to see the floor in front of your door using a 1: 1 ratio to distinguish the person making the sound or look at the package that has been deposited for example. To use this ratio correctly, the brand recommends placing the Arlo doorbell at a distance of 122 centimeters from the ground.

You can trigger a video stream at any time to see what is happening in front of your house, to communicate with your audience through the mobile app and video doorbell speaker and microphone. Speaking of the microphone, the latter is well developed, however it is overloaded if you push the volume too high. Since Arlo is a brand that mainly offers surveillance camera settings, it matches its bell with the siren. The latter is powerful enough to scare away a potential thief. If an intruder is detected or programmed to sound it in certain situations you can trigger it remotely from your smartphone. As for the video stream, you can watch it live, but if you want to keep the record, you have to go through Arlo Cloud, which costs you 2.79 euros per month. Note that Dor Bell is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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To know more, feel free to read on Our full review of the Arlo video doorbell.

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