Ariana Grande and her fiancé, Pete Davidson sure missed the Emmy’s but that doesn’t mean that they are going entirely undercover. The public has been very rude to Grande, blaming her for being partly responsible for her late boyfriend, Mac Miller’s drug overdose. The rapper was found dead in his California home two weeks ago.

It wasn’t until Monday that the Love Me Harder singer and the Saturday Night Live star were seen holding hands and taking a walk in Manhattan. Then yesterday, Ariana Grande was spotted once again. While the previous day her face was sullen, Tuesday’s outing with friends did seem to cheer her up a bit.

Alongside the popstar, were friends Doug Middlebrook and Alexa Luria. The three pals held coffee in their hands while the rain completely drenched them. The 25-year-old star didn’t bother keeping an umbrella close and wore a smile on her face. She was casually dressed in an oversized sweatshirt, and matching trousers.

Grande has not been too well following the death of Mac Miller. “Ariana is taking Mac’s death really rough, and her mother has been staying with her right now,” a source reported to Radar Online. “She’s in therapy.” Grande also chose to not attend the Emmy’s to “heal” from the tragedy.

Despite the loads of pain she is going through, it’s clear that she is also paying attention to Miller’s grieving family. “Ariana has been in contact with his family, and is doing everything she can to honor him,” further added the source.

Earlier in this year, Grande came back to the spotlight and released music after a long time. She had been laying low to recover from the mental harm that the Manchester bombing had caused her. We’re not sure when she’ll be completely back. This is a difficult time for the singer. We can only hope she gets well soon.