How do you figure out the latest gossip about your favorite celebrities? How do you make sure you are among the first people to know everything about them? Like the obsessed little girl you are, you follow them on Instagram; the hub of all buzzing bits of everything new. Instagram is like that; it’s the birthplace of all trends. It’s the news channel that doesn’t require you to read.

Where did the braided brows come from? Instagram. Where did the nostril hair extensions trend sneak its way out from? Instagram. Where did Gigi tease about her new makeup collection? Again Instagram. How did you figure out your archenemy got engaged? Instagram, it is. So, if you are a total Ariana Grande fanatic, you probably already know this: Ariana has a grey mane now.

If you don’t follow the pop star on Instagram you might glance at her grey hair and call it purple. But Ariana has clarified on the popular social media site that it’s grey. This weekend she posted selfies introducing her new hair color to the world. And fans are thrilled! Not only does the space girl look perfect but also, she’s following the perfect fall hair color trend.

We’ve seen a whole lot of celebs sporting sliver locks this year. And if you thought that with autumn rolling in, brown hair colors would push the grey/platinum/silver hair trend away, then well, nope. This trend is not ready to leave its throne. The side-to-side singer’s new mane color has metallic vibes. And this isn’t just what we or the masses think.

But Chris Appleton who is also responsible for J-Lo’s lovely hair colors and Kim K’s, is of the same view, “LOVE the silver vibes,” he said. Josh Liu assisted Appleton in transforming Ariana’s ombré bronde hair color to grey. For these new-look pictures, Patrick Ta with Carly Fisher’s assistance dusted the dangerous woman with makeup.

Ta’s caption read “New Look Who Dis” and Grande’s, “Btw i (it’s grey)” Both the pictures are similar, with Ariana’s pretty face and a filter with pink hearts. For all those concerned about Grande abandoning her signature ponytail look after this new hair color, fear not. Though she now spices up her look in different ways as well, the ponytail will never be tossed out of the mix.

As she confirmed to Byrdie the previous year, “I had no idea that it was going to become, like, a thing. It’s how I like my hair. It’s how I’ve always liked my hair. Picture me in fourth grade with a little half-up side-pony flopping around my head. I never expected it to become such a thing. This is what makes me comfortable, and I feel like there’s a thousand different ways to do a ponytail. A million!”

To some extent, all us girls can relate to the 24-year-old singer’s views. She further said, “It brings me so much joy, honestly. Every time I put my hair up, it’s like a surprise. Like, I forget how much I love it, and then I tie it back and I’m like, ‘I love this look! Ooh, girl!’ Every time I tie it up is like the first time. It’s like true love.”

If you are getting déjà vu type feels from her latest look, it’s probably because she has sported a similar look before for her Focus music video. Just that this time around it is not just a silver-grey wig. We just hope that with this dramatic transformation, new music is also in the making.