Is Ariana Grande giving her fans hints about what her upcoming album or its first single will be called? Her audience think so. The last time Grand’s music album came out was in 2016. This will be her fourth album coming out after a long time. Reports also say that her new music is going to be “damn incredible” and that it’s really close to her heart too!

She has confirmed on her Instagram that her new album #AG4 will be coming out soon. In the teaser video captioned, “See you next year” she can be heard singing “You can feel it, feel it.” One fan pointed out on Twitter that the shirt she wore to Disneyland read “No Tears Left To Cry.” Not only her but celebrity stylist Chris Appleton has also been spotted in a shirt that reads the same line!

The tear drop emoji is everywhere and while many would think that this is not a substantial clue you just can’t dismiss the fact that Ariana has employed this tactic before as well. Fans have reminded that the Love Me Harder singer dropped the name “Dangerous Woman” which is what her last album was called in the same manner.

The terms “Dangerous Woman” were spotted on a shirt she was seen wearing. Another recent hint that “No Tears Left To Cry” means something significant with regards to her music is the story Grande posted and deleted on Instagram. The post read the very same words, captioned “None of this would be possible without my amazing team. Soon babes <3’” There is no denying that this is the biggest hint yet!

Surely, fans can’t be wrong. Ariana Grande has been leaving crumbs with the tear drop emoji all over the place in the form of possible album artworks, and song names. “i can already tell this is gonna be a beautiful emotional song that is gonna make all of us burst into tears. IM NOT READY,” wrote one excited fan on Twitter. Here’s to hoping her new music reaches our ears soon!