Ariana Grande Just wants people to be more loving, more forgiving and less rude. But guess her wish keeps getting denied every year. 2019 has only started and people are already breathing fire onto her. Wondering why? Because she got a tattoo wrong.

Last week, Ari got a tattoo in Japanese which she thought meant 7 Rings. Clearly, the 26-year-old was only trying to enjoy the success that she has made following two of her recent releases which have topped the charts.

First came Thank U, Next with a video that broke all records. Then came 7 Rings, a song that managed to make us feel rich and poor at once. So, she went ahead and got 7 Rings written in ink on her hand in Japanese and guess what?

Fans were quick to point out that the words were incorrectly spelled, and they actually translated to small BBQ grill. Fine, so that was an innocent mistake on the songstress’s part, one that she tried to correct. She connected with a fluent Japanese friend and got some changes made to the tattoo for it to read what it was originally meant to – 7 Rings.

The Love Me Harder singer shared each moment of getting the tattoo rectified with fans through Instagram stories and then shared the final version of it. “Slightly better,” she wrote on the photo. “Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix and to @kanenavasard for being a legend. And to my doctor for the lidocaine [anesthetic] shots (no joke).”

And then a fan pointed out that tattoo was still incorrect, and it read Japanese BBQ finger now. In the middle of all this inky mess, several people came forward to criticize Ariana Grande for getting a tattoo in a language she couldn’t read, speak or understand. Some went so far so as to call her “dumb.” Seriously? Since when does everyone know how to speak in Japanese?

The trial didn’t end her for Grande, though. TMZ jumped in too and claimed that a brand called LaserAway had reached out to Grande with an offer worth $1.5 million to remove the tattoo for free and to have her onboard as a paid spokesperson.

At this, Grande tweeted, “i’ll give y’all a million to get off my nuts.” Meanwhile, her manager, Scooter Braun, has confirmed that she has not received any such offer. If anything, it is clear that this incident may seem little to others, but it has stressed Ariana Grande a lot.

The singer has had a hard time dealing with all the bad things people have said about her. She even posted a rant on Twitter in which she said, “I have crippling anxiety lol. I don’t like hurtin ppl. People on this app really don’t know how to be forgiving or gentle when someone has made an innocent mistake. No one considers feelings other than their own. It’s very pointless.”

What’s truly the point of being so rude to her when she immediately apologized for the incorrect spelling? In all honestly, she didn’t owe anyone an apology and yet she said sorry. “I jus wanna sing, man. Wake me up when tour starts.” One of her tweets also talked about how passionate she was about Japanese and how she wanted to move to that country one day. But because of all this hate, she was going to leave Japanese lessons too. Now that is just sad.

Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean he or she lacks feelings. Cyberbullying, no matter how small, needs to stop before everyone is robbed of their confidence, self-esteem and passions.