Following the premier of Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson made his comeback to the social media world. He had wiped his Instagram feed clean back in July because of the way people wouldn’t stop bullying him online.

His empty Instagram account stayed up the past three months and even though he did post a video in between, he eventually deleted it. The comedian opened up about how his video post was a mistake as it attracted trolls of various kinds.

The 24-year-old mentioned that he had even received death threats following his engagement with Grande with one person saying that he wanted to shoot Davidson in the face. Pete Davidson started avoiding social media so much so that he even forgot his own Instagram account’s password.

He returned to social media yesterday with a blurry polaroid photo of his and while we hope no haters got to him, we are glad to spot fiancée Ariana Grande’s comment on it. She left two comments, one of which read “where the mixtape” while the other said “this is sick and ur page looks cool never post again.”

Very obviously, the Sweetener singer was only kidding like she often did this summer before they both started avoiding social media. For the past month, Grande stayed lowkey following the death of her ex Mac Miller. We’re happy that she has healed enough to be able to joke a bit here and there.

She also left a comment on Kim Kardashian’s picture with her daughter which was posted by Chris Appleton. Appleton styles both Kim and Ariana’s hair and his latest hairdo of the reality TV show star and her kid were long ponytails which resembled Grande’s signature style.

This lead Ariana Grande to leave a comment saying, “I thought both of them were me.” Clearly, Grande has recovered enough to return to being her funny and sassy self. Pete Davidson, on the other hand, is not planning to stay on Instagram.

While he did pop up yesterday, the star is ready to ditch the platform once again. He left two likes and a comment on Grande’s pictures during his mini Insta visit. His comment read, “Hot. All the ones you posted with me not online are hot. Love ya. Bye for another 3 months.”

Grande responded to him saying, “Good thing ur sitting next to me and I see u every second and nothing important happens online that I don’t show u anyway. Bye. Ily.”