Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have moved in together and went out together for home décor shopping. Also, they got new matching tattoos! Their social media accounts show that these two lovebirds are totally made for each other.

The 24-year-old, her fiancé, and a few of their friends got matching tattoos that read “H2GKMO.” Wondering what this means? H2GKMO is an abbreviation for “honest to God, knock me out.” Feel like you’ve read this phrase somewhere before? Grande has tweeted it once resulting in her fans using it ever since.

Along with getting new ink, the couple also went shopping for rugs in New York City. Grande posted stories on Instagram; one showing the tattoos, and the other of the couple on the lookout for rugs for their new apartment. The second video captioned “Adults” showed the Saturday Night Live star sticking his tongue out and lifting his shirt up to show his abs.

Both the celebrities have got matching ink on the same body part; their right hand. From the looks of it, Grande had been thinking about getting this tattoo etched onto her skin for a long time now. The Love Me Harder singer tweeted earlier this month, “I say ‘honest to god knock me out’ 300 times a day.”

Some people are concerned about how fast-paced Grande’s new relationship is. In a week of announcing that she is dating Pete, she got engaged to him. Then they moved in together and got matching ink. She also has a song coming up which is dedicated to Pete!

When a fan asked Grande on Twitter, “Girl, we know you love him, but are you dumb?” she responded with a brief “Nah.” Then when another fan asked, “You really don’t get a fuck, do you?” she responded saying, “Forreal. The truth is tea. I been the f*** through it and life’s too short to be cryptic and shit about something as beautiful as this love I’m in. So Pete it is.”